Yoni Healing and Feminine Energy Balancing

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How to Reconnect With Your Feminine Energy Through Yoni Healing.
Learn the tantric alchemy of tapping Into Your Sexual and Sensual Empowerment through your vagina.

What is A Yoni?

The word “Yoni” is derived from ancient Sanskrit. It is the term for a woman’s vagina.

The word YONI in Sanskrit literally means “The Source”.

The source of humanity, of goodness, of creation, of harmony and balance.

Disconnection from Our Feminine Energy

The way that modern societies function systematically has left women increasingly disconnected from their body and feminine essence. The dominance of patriarchy, driven by a male superiority – female inferiority complex, the media’s portrayal of female sexuality and sensuality, the lack of proper re-education for women empowerment, along with many other factors have created a domino effect of misalignment in the female temple.

A woman’s vagina is no longer seen as sacred and spiritual.

There is a frightening disconnection that women (of this day and age) have from their bodies, and especially to their vagina and their womb. There is no happy medium when discussing the topics of a woman’s feminine parts. It’s either the crassness of pornography and the over-sexuality of women, sex-selling in the media without any consciousness around it – that’s being shoved into our faces or it’s the cold, clinical analysis of what medical professionals provide for us. Even within the education system, girls are taught that sex is bad, menstruation is “gross” and to be hidden, and that the vagina is something to be silenced and never brought to light in conversations. 

Due to all these variables, girls and women in today’s world do not feel empowered by their vagina, which is something that is so historically so sacred, magical, and spiritual.

The vagina, the Yoni is literally a portal in between the spiritual world and the physical world. The power of being able to bring a living human in is miraculous and patriarchy has taken that away from us. It’s taken away women’s souls and power to own their identity.

The word YONI in Sanskrit literally means “The Source”.

The source of humanity, of goodness, of creation, of harmony and balance.

A large part of my work as a holistic wellness healer is to connect women back to their authentic power. I help women embody, enjoy, and become empowered by their feminine power, through opening up their chakras (energy centers within the body). An open and fluid body is an open and fluid life  I teach women movement therapy, positive affirmations, breathwork, and meditation to bring them back into a deep, soulful connection with who they innately are. A realignment to their True Self.

This is an incredibly important aspect of my work because I am a woman, and I support women empowerment in every way I understand how.

Each part of our bodies – our organs, endocrine systems, nervous system..etc – are specifically linked to our energy centers. The vagina is connected to our base chakra, which is the chakra of SURVIVAL.

If our communities of women around the world are not connected to their vagina, this sacred portal – everything else in their lives (relationships, mental health, mindsets) will be stagnated and out of balance.

Teaching women to love their vagina and womb is a re-education process that requires unlearning all of the negative information that has been fed to us from a young age and relearning self-empowerment.

How You Can Reconnect To Your Sacred Feminine Power

Guided Meditation to realign with the subtle anatomical energy of the female body.

Menstruation Meditation – How to Move Consciously and Align to your Moon Cycles.

Breath-work with breath movement

Energy Movement Techniques to move and ground down to your feminine power.

Creative Visualization Techniques to build a healthy and empowered relationship with your vagina.

Collaborating With Luüna Naturals

I was recently acquainted with a social impact period care company called Luüna Naturals. A company for women, led by fearless women who are working day and night to change the discourse around period and period care.

A part of their brand message that I want to highlight:

“Our vaginas are the most absorbent part of our bodies”

This phrase is not only true from a physical and medical standpoint but is firmly grounded in a holistic wellness philosophy as well. Our vaginas absorb not just tangible matter like blood and toxic materials (tampons laced with chemicals) that we insert into our bodies, but it also absorbs energy (whether it is positive or negative energy). When a woman has sex with a partner, whether she climaxes or not – there is some degree of energy absorption into her energetic field. This is the reason why women tend to become more attached to a sexual partner, because this womb draws energy into the body.

We can actually teach our vagina to connect back to our soul, back to our divinity so that we can have more beautiful relationships with ourselves, others and with the earth.

Luüna’s mission is supportive and empowering, creating a community for our sisters to take better care of our bodies and our planet. Not only are they creating impactful change for how women physically take care of themselves, but there is also a vital integration of mind-body-spirit and environmental aspects behind their cause.

This holistic integration of our bodies is a way for us, as women, to connect back to the mother earth. Returning to the divine and sacredness of the vagina and the womb, and honoring the female body as a temple of higher consciousness.

It is time to change the stigma surrounding women’s bodies and help pave the road for women and girls to cultivate healthier, more fulfilling relationships with themselves.

Holistic Transformational teacher, Tantric Sacred Sexuality Therapist, and Goddess Embodiment Facilitator, Lily Chan how to reconnect with your feminine energy with Yoni Healing  to cultivate healthier, more fulfilling relationships with themselves.


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