What is Yoga Nidra ?

Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep. It is a state of conscious Deep Sleep.

This state is reached by separating the external awareness of the physical body through various stages. It results in a state where you are asleep with a trace of awareness. Thus relaxing both the mind and the body deeply. Daily practice of yoga nidra can transform your life and personality.

How is Yoga Nidra different from Meditation?

In Meditation, you remain in the Waking state of consciousness, and gently focus the mind, while allowing thought patterns, emotions, sensations, and images to arise and go on. However, in Yoga Nidra, you leave the Waking state, go past the Dreaming state, and go to Deep Sleep, yet remain awake. While Yoga Nidra is a state that is very relaxing, it is also used by Yogis to purify the Samskaras, the deep impressions that are the driving force behind Karma .



A typical Yoga Nidra class will last anywhere between 15 to 60 mins or even more.
Basic stages involved in yoga nidra:

· Relaxation
· Resolve
· Systematic rotation of consciousness
· Breath Awareness
· Visualization
· Hypnagogic State
· Resolve
· Regain Body Awareness


Benefits of Yoga Nidra

· Yoga Nidra has preventive, promotive and curative value.

· It prevents stress and stress-related disorders by inducing deep physical, emotional and mental relaxation, by training the mind to remain calm and quiet and by rooting out the repressed desires and thoughts from the deeper realms of the mind.

· As a promotive science, yoga nidra awakens the inherent creativity and promotes the learning and memory abilities.

· Yoga Nidra can be used as a therapeutic technique to cure psychological disorders like anxiety, hostility, insomnia etc. and psychosomatic diseases like asthma, coronary heart disease, cancer, hypertension etc.

Yoga Nidra
Every Monday from 6:30-7:15pm

Location: Balance Health

Price: HKD 250

To register, please call us on 2530 3315 or fill out the form below.

Yoga Nidra Practitioner

Sudha Nair

Yoga Practitioner, Naturopath Doctor

English, Hindi
+852 2530 3315

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