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Breast massage may not be on the menu at your local spa but it does play a part in women’s health and wellbeing.

Understanding what’s natural and what’s not is essential. It’s important to look out for signs and changes. Paying attention to skin changes, lumps and looking for new moles can be helpful. The changes that are bad for breast health include: formation of a firm lump, swelling around the breast or armpit, red, dry, and cracked skin around nipples, leaking blood or any other fluid from the nipples, or itchy breasts. There are simple breast massage techniques that you can use to promote good breast health yourself.

Reasons for doing breast massages:

  • Enlarging them as massage increases the circulation of blood and promotes the secretion of breast enlarging hormone Prolactin.
  • Early identification and prevention of Cancer as the formation of the knot of malignant cells can be stopped by the external pressure applied during the massage.
  • Treating stress as breast massage helps in the secretion of oxytocin which leads to the alleviation of depression and stress.
  • Lactation by improving the flow of milk and preventing plugged milk ducts.

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Benefits of breast massage:

The breasts contain milk-producing mammary glands, as well as an intricate network of lobes, ducts, blood vessels, lymphatic tubes, and fatty and fibrous tissues. The massage will help to keep the breasts healthy. The prospective benefits include:

  • Detection and prevention of breast cancer by self-examination while doing massage.
  • Reduction of pain while the milk is building up within the breast. It also helps in the prevention of blockage in the milk ducts.
  • Stimulation of lymph vessels and reduction of the risk of lymph edema in the chest and arms. A network of vessels storing and removing excess fluid waste around the body is the lymphatic system. These vessels in the breasts bring fluids near the breastbone, collarbone, or underarm to the lymph nodes. Lymphatic system damage can involve the build-up of fluid and waste. This buildup, referred to as lymph edema, can lead to swelling.

How to massage and how to detect lumps

There is a variety of techniques for breast massage that depends on their use.

For lactation:

On the top and bottom of one breast, put four fingers. When rotating the fingers of both hands in fast, circular gestures, apply gentle pressure. Place the fingertips in a circular pattern on either side of the same breast and begin massaging. Repeat the same process on another breast.

For cancer detection:

Stand before a mirror to check at any adjustments in the breast’s color, form, scale, or texture. Place one hand behind the head for the elbow to point to the right. Massage the breast by using the opposite hand’s first three digits. In a circular movement, apply soft pressure and massage. Making sure the whole breast is massaged, from the collarbone to the tip of the belly and into the armpit. Repeat on the other breast.

For lymph node drainage:

On the opposite side of the body, put one hand on top of the breast so that the fingers go through the armpit and the palm lies on the stomach. Squeeze the hand in a pumping motion around the breast. Slowly shift the hand down toward the nipple using the same pumping action. Massage along the breast’s exterior, bottom, and inner areas. Repeat on the other breast.


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