Dr Grace Yu

Registered TCM Practitioner

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Thursday, 12 November 2015
from 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: Balance Health

Price: HKD 380

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Our Bodies, Our Health – The importance of Women’s Health in Chinese Medicine

In the ancient times when innovative beauty products were non-existent, women of the imperial palace maintained their beauty using natural ways. With natural ingredients to mix powders and oils, they were able to give their hair a radiant glow and keep their skin rejuvenated. Due to their natural and mysterious beauty, women of the imperial palace became the main topic of gossip.

As the eye is the window to the soul, so is skin the window to our inner beauty. Your skin mirrors the current state of health of your body. Learn more about enhancing your beauty and wellbeing with an all-natural approach. During this talk Dr. Grace Yu will teach you, for instance, how to maintain the health with Chinese medicine.

Chinese Medicine - Practical Application to improve Women's Health

1. What is Chinese Medicine?
○ Introduction to Traditional Chinese medicine and its benefits

2. How to stay young and beautiful
○ Easy and pain-free PMS with a healthy Uterus – How your menstrual cycle affects you and how you can become happy and confident during your period
○ Breast care – General concerns about breast health and what should keep in mind
○ Skin care – No more pimples and rash, how to keep your skin young and healthy

3. Demonstration of acupuncture points
○ For your own easy usage at home or office
○ Release stress, relieve pain and maintain well-being

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