Womb lifting massage is a treatment applied for both prenatal and postnatal health. Therapists use herbs and hot compress to help women release lochia from their uterus after giving birth. This massage can help not only the uterus to restore its normal size but also muscles and bones to align. The use of herbal packs favors mind-body relaxation.

Modern women in society start to pay more attention to uterine massage and take it as a health care treatment. People constantly suppress their feelings in their daily life, these unsettling emotions accumulate and store in their abdominal cavity. In time, the body will lose its balance and diseases will form.

Applicable to:

People who want regular uterine health care (Requires a professional therapist to diagnose whether this treatment is suitable for the patient, their medical history will be take into account)
-Prenatal uterine maintenance
-Postnatal uterine maintenance

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