Why is so important to connect to your purpose.


Years ago, I was pursuing a successful Global career in marketing and business, leading large investment projects and jetting around the Globe. 

Although I enjoyed the success and the attention I received, my physical body was tired and my mind completely exhausted. The role I was playing wasn’t me. 

I was wearing a mask. Deep down, I knew, I did not fully belong and I didn’t feel aligned with the values I was portraying. 

At that lowest time in my life, I chose to embark on a journey of self-discovery: At first to heal my body from aches and pains and chronic inflammation. Once my body was healed and stabilised, I started to explore further: the emotional landscapes and the meanders of my mind. Layer by layer I started identifying and releasing toxic thoughts and healing unhealthy beliefs, taking step after step to awaken to self. Getting to the bottom of why I was feeling out of sink and root of my stress and worries; getting to know myself better and understand who I am. 

I discovered so much and am still discovering more and more day after day about my purpose and soul plan here on planet Earth. This is a life-long journey. 


Walking that path of introspection. 

Moving deeper into the labyrinth of my inner realms, I realized how distorted my view about the world was. I had been driven by fears, painful memories and self-limiting beliefs. 

I came to understand, how these worries about my future were ruling me and influencing my choices; that a fear of not having enough was keeping me in an imaginary prison cell, with walls made out a constant need for acknowledgement. 

I felt an unstoppable longing for freedom: 

A freedom that could only be experienced from within and I started questioning everything. 

We come to this world from a place of inspiration with a desire to grow and re-unite with the divine consciousness. Soon after birth, though, we get conditioned by our surroundings, distracted and led astray by shiny objects and goals, we loose our connection to our divine nature, we forget and experience life as a separated particle with all our human needs and desires. 


Walking the path to self. 

I paused and starting re-connecting to that divine force within, that ever-knowing wisdom, our inner compass, trust my intuition and let it guide me: 

I realized that nothing in life matters more than getting to know ourselves intimately. 

Getting to know the root of our beliefs. Getting to know our thoughts and emotional patterns, healing what needs to be healed and awakening to the pure vibration of our essence. 


The divine song that comes from within.

The song that promises freedom, joy, bliss and peace and transcends desires. 

That expansive divine force, that shares love and light and celebrates life.  

Finding what brings us joy and peace, what drives us and how a more meaningful and fulfilled life means looks like. Exploring self-limiting beliefs and taking responsibility to step onto the empowering path to purpose. 

Here at Balance Health we provide a safe space to go deep within and if we choose so, allow ourselves to be vulnerable and seen. 

We come together to inspire and to grow, to heal and to transform into that being WHO WE ESSENTIALLY ARE. 

Come join us on that powerful journey to self. 

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