What Is Your Stress Profile?

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While a bit of stress keeps you going, research has demonstrated that stress sustained over a long period of time and at a level exceeding your coping resources can lead to chronic and severe illness, of which immune system and heart diseases are the most common.

Our stress management guide help you identify your sources of stress by examining every aspect of your life, work, quality of social and intimate relationships, external circumstances (such as expatriation , separation or change of job), your living environment, and your dietary, sleeping and exercise habits to name only a few.

By finding out your Stress Profile, you can train your  mental resilience and learn how to cope with difficult situations. It suggests practical, implementable techniques and solutions that can integrate seamlessly in your busy schedule and it contains an abundance of tips to increase your physical, mental and emotional resources. It also includes a large number of self-assessment tools and provides comprehensive information about anything stress and relaxation.

Discover Your Stress Profile

Here is a short form sample of the questionnaires and assessments you could to complete. Answer all the questions but just tick one box that applies to you, either yes or no. Answer yes, even if only part of a question applies to you.

  1. I frequently bring work home at night
  2. Not enough hours in the day to do all the things that I must do
  3. I deny or ignore problems in the hope that they will go away
  4. I do the jobs myself to ensure they are done properly
  5. I underestimate how long it takes to do things
  6. I feel that there are too many deadlines in my work / life that are difficult to meet
  7. My self confidence / self esteem is lower than I would like it to be
  8. I frequently have guilty feelings if I relax and do nothing
  9. I find myself thinking about problems even when I am supposed to be relaxing
  10. I feel fatigued or tired even when I wake after an adequate sleep
  11. I often nod or finish other peoples sentences for them when they speak slowly
  12. I have a tendency to eat, talk, walk and drive quickly
  13. My appetite has changed, have either a desire to binge or have a loss of appetite / may skip meals
  14. I feel irritated or angry if the car or traffic in front seems to be going too slowly/ I become very frustrated at having to wait in a queue
  15. If something or someone really annoys me I will bottle up my feelings
  16. When I play sport or games, I really try to win whoever I play
  17. I experience mood swings, difficulty making decisions, concentration and memory is impaired
  18. I find fault and criticize others rather than praising, even if it is deserved
  19. I seem to be listening even though I am preoccupied with my own thoughts
  20. My sex drive is lower, can experience changes to menstrual cycle
  21. I find myself grinding my teeth
  22. Increase in muscular aches and pains especially in the neck, head, lower back, shoulders
  23. I am unable to perform tasks as well as I used to, my judgment is clouded or not as good as it was
  24. I find I have a greater dependency on alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or drugs
  25. I find that I don’t have time for many interests / hobbies outside of work

Your Stress Profile

SCORES – 1 if Yes, 0 if No

  • 4 points or less: You are least likely to suffer from stress related illness.
  • 5 -13 points: You are more likely to experience stress related illness, mental, physical or both. You would benefit from stress management advice to help in the identified areas.
  • 14 points or more: You are the most prone to stress. You are more likely to experience stress & stress-related illness e.g. diabetes, irritable bowel, migraine, back and neck pain, high blood pressure, and mental ill health (depression, anxiety & stress). It is important to seek professional help or stress management advice now.

Note: This stress test * is intended to give you an overview only.

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Eliminate The Root Cause of Your Stress

HRV Lifestyle Assessment captures the whole picture. Find out what is happening inside your body and why it is happening. Discover the true causes of stress and promote recovery with your personal goals. Read more about HRV Lifestyle Assessment here.
Contributed by Pascale Bertoli.

*Adapted from the ISMA stress questionnaire


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