What Healing Means to Me

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Hands on healing is a natural gift of human beings

I first received hands-on healing when I was at the age of 6. My mum rubbed her hands and put them on my painful tummy. I had lots of health issues with my stomach when I was growing up. I was malnourished and underweight, and my tummy hurt easily. I was old enough to express my discomfort. Soon after she touched me, I felt the bubbling sensation was gone and the pain was not there anymore. I still remember that feeling of my mother’s warm hands vividly as if it were yesterday.

Also, I have witnessed some healing when I was waiting at the traffic light to cross the road. A domestic helper put her hands on a young kid’s knee after he fell down on the street. The kid was crying and I was watching the lady instantly placed her hands gently on his little knee. After 5 seconds, the kid stopped crying and he looked more relaxed. I thought to myself: Isn’t that healing?

Since I have been practicing Reiki, I always recall the healing sensation from the hands of my mother – calm, still, and profound. Would that be the reason why I trust hands-on healing of Reiki?

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How Reiki taught me physical pain is connected to emotional pain

Reiki and other energy healing modalities work with and positively affect the human energy system, and are non-invasive hands-on healing approaches that gently support healing at all level. I like the simplicity of Reiki that can be applied to anyone, animals and plants, I perform Reiki sometimes on my mobile phone and computer when it seems to not work well. How about when we don’t work well in terms of physical, mental and emotional issues?

I have encountered clients come to me with physical symptoms, such as back pain, headaches, sometimes insomnia and anxiety. During the Reiki session, I worked on the chakras of the body, trying to find out the imbalance and bring up awareness of the body. I’d interestingly found out the emotional blockage is the starter of the physical discomfort and illness. Emotions and physical heath are intimately connected. When we are angry and feeling frustrated, it is associated with the liver. It stores these emotions and cause us back pain, headache and dry eyes. To heal the physical body, we first need to connect and recall the emotions that hanging in our mind, sometimes it is hidden until we find out about it again. For healers, to heal someone can be like digging into someone’ wounds.

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“Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level.” –Nan Lu, Grand master

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Why I felt so emotional after my Reiki session? What is healing crisis?

There are clients that after seeing me for Reiki session, claimed that they felt a lot of emotions coming out right after the session or within 1-3 days. They were upset about the emotions that come out in a way they hadn’t prepared to deal with. They came to the session hoping to clear it not for it to resurface. That is what people expect, for them to be healed without any reflection or facing the truths of the matter. Emotions come up, as it is a sign of unblocking. As uncomfortable emotions and thought patterns from your shadow self come into your consciousness simply allow yourself to observe and experience them without judgments and analyses. It is called “healing crisis”. Healing crisis can appear in form of physical symptoms like headache, chest pain, back pain, tingling limbs. Some people would experience emotional break out through crying. A healing crisis commonly occurs when your body is getting rid of toxins and other waste products.It can be viewed as signs of healing in progress. It is also important to note that Reiki does not cause the symptoms of a healing crisis. On the other hand, the Reiki energy helps to bringing awareness and healing to those imbalances that are lurking within you.

Forest Ng is available for Reiki healing session. Call 2530 3315 or email appt@balancehealth.com.hk for bookings.

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