What is tantra?

Tantra is a vast and complex system of Spirituality that activates and amplifies human potential. Remote Tantra Energy Healing and Astral Healing are two modalities focused under this Ancient Science of Life. Although tantric arts, especially in the realm of Sacred Sexuality are predominantly practiced with physical touch, it can also be done in a remote and virtually capacity.

Tantra means “Web” or “ Matrix of the Universe”. It is a science for spiritual evolution. It was created to bring the human being from a state of ignorance and unawareness into a wakeful, conscious state.

Tantra meaning in short, is the science of studying and mastering energy in all of its diverse manifested forms, within and around the human body and the Universe. Remote Tantra is the practice of controlling energy with no limitations of gravity, time and space. Since these limitations do not restrict the application of channeling energy, Remote Tantric Energy Healing can be done without any physical touch and across any distance.

What makes Tantra and all tantric teachings unique are that they are based on the fundamental principle and universal force of ENERGY, and in the case of Tantric Sexuality – Sexual Energy.

Teachings that make up the complex science of Tantra include Tantra Yoga Poses (Asanas, Tantric music, tantric energy medicine, tantric sexology, tantric intimacy and relationships, tantra meditations on the chakra system, tantra music that are tuned to the resonance of healing various ailments and activating the energy centers.

Some of the super-natural powers that a Tantric Practitioner will benefit from overtime are:

    • Enhances physical energy, strength, power and durability
    • Boosts Self-Confidence and Awareness
    • Amplifies discipline and self-control
    • Rids addictions to substances and negative behavioral patterns
    • Promotes mental clarity and memory
    • Relieves stress, irritability, rage, grief, anxiety, depression, and mood fluctuations
    • Magnetizes true intimacy, love, compassion and connection
    • Boosts the immune system, purifies toxins, heals dis-eases
    • Allows a person to experience orgasmic energy and multiple orgasms without losing vitality and semen
    • Recirculating sexual energy to create financial success, abundance, health, wellbeing, fulfillment, joy and more.
    • Purification of toxins
    • Increases energy levels and self-healing abilities


What Is Tantra and What Is Healing From A Tantric Perspective?

What is tantra or tantric medicine? Tantric Medicine is energy-based healing. All human beings are made up of 5 layers of energy bodies, one being our physical body that we can see, feel, and touch. Most human beings have the most awareness of their physical body, but most are not aware of the other layers of subtle bodies that dictate the state of their well-being.

If a person is having problems, automatically for a tantric practitioner, there is something wrong with this person’s energy. A blockage, imbalance, disharmony energetically in that area, which later manifests in the physical body.

This is due to the unfortunate reality that our bodies (in the modern age) are exposed to a lot of impurities and toxins from our food, diet, lifestyle, habits, environment and more. As impurities level increases, the chances of diseases, malfunction and problems occur.

Contact us and learn more about tantra meaning and energy healing. Balance Health offers services to help you maximize and optimize your sexual and other body energy. In addition to tantra massage, we also offer other energy healing services that can boost your holistic health. Check out our craniosacral therapy, hypnotherapy, kinesiology, meditation classes, Tibetan singing bowl massage, Yuen method and others. Know more about how powerful tantra healing is in the video below:

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