Tantric Sexuality focuses specifically on Sexual Energy. In Tantra, we have deep reverence for sexual energy. Sexual Energy is the most powerful and healing energy in the Universe. Through techniques such as energy orgasms, semen and sexual energy retention, divine feminine energy and divine masculine energy embodiment, and many other methods, a person’s life energy (Chi, Prana) is reticulated through the body and transmuted into limitless power, vitality, and creative potential. This energy when redirected allows a person to get deeper in touch with who they are, their higher purpose in this world, understanding the meaning of relationships & intimacy, finding true love and connection with sensuality and sexuality, greater physical power, healing of physical and chronic immune imbalances, mental health issues (depression, anxiety), emotional instabilities and many more ailments of all sorts. The benefits are truly limitless.

The method of which Tantra Energy Healing can heal issues of all levels (physical, mental, emotional, psychosomatic, energetic, and spiritual) is rooted in the purification, activation and harmonization of energy channels – creating a optimal flow of clean energy for full mind-body-soul detoxification, eliminating blockages and traumas of past wounds, helping a person realize their full sexual-orgasmic potential as well as profound spiritual awakenings.

While Tantric Energy Healing works on the pranic level and uses sexual energy as a trigger to be the catalyst of powerful healing effects through the whole body and being, Remote Astral Energy Healing works emotional energy on the astral realm. What this means is that the receiver of such healings will transcend beyond the limitations of the physical body to receive visions, guidance, wisdom through the opening of the higher energy bodies.

Astral Healing can heal, rejuvenate, modify, activate and balance whatever the receiver needs.

The most unique benefit of Tantra Healing is that its potential is unlimited.

Why ENERGY Is Vital To Healing From Within

ALL Dis-eases of the body-mind-spirit are first created in the energy bodies before they are manifested in physical form as symptoms, illnesses, and discomforts.

Most people look towards surface-level treatments, only targeting the symptom rather than digging to the source the issue. Many with mental and emotional health issues go to psychiatrists, western doctors and talk therapists undergoing CBT, DBT, and prescription drugs in hopes of healing their embedded problems. Such methods are also important and a necessary part of healing and deep personal transformation, but they only works to a certain degree because it does not dig the dis-ease out from its energetic blueprint. All of the new information just stays in your conscious mind. This means that once you are triggered, you will go right back to your Subconscious, the resilience of old behavioral patterns, destructive tendencies, and negative ways of approaching your life and the obstacles that come through.

Suppressed emotions and memories get locked and recirculated in the physical body, down to the cellular structure and in the energetic body (Pranic/Astral), and when not paid attention to, this energy creates physical health issues.

In order for old programming to be released, and dis-eases to be eradicated – we must first work with the energetic body to unlock the problems that have manifested in to psychological and physiological Dis-Eases.

We do this by healing each one of your subtle energy bodies, vital organs, endocrine system, energy centers and chakras.

You will notice greater vitality, energy, joy, contentment, gratitude, inner peace, resilience, fortitude, confidence, self-respect, productivity, direction, clarity, self-awareness, self-understanding, self-love, unconditional love in every aspect of your life.

At the next level – you will be taught the specific techniques for Manifestation which will help you attract all the higher qualities and dreams you wish to attract into your life. At this stage, you will effortlessly magnetize beautiful people, opportunities, circumstances into your life.

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