Weight loss with TCM is not just about losing weight, it is also the beginning of preventing chronic diseases.

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Weight loss with TCM is not just about losing weight, it is also the beginning of preventing chronic diseases.

by registered Chinese medicine practitioner: Dr. Grace Yu

Clinically, it is common to see people over 35 years old, regardless of male or female, who are under a lot of pressure every day. They suffer from physical pain and fatigue, are easily breathless when walking, have chest tightness and headaches, and have poor sleep quality. They are often too busy forgeting or too late to eat This diet leads to continuous weight gain. A large amount of fat is accumulated in the abdomen and outer thighs. Muscles often feel weak and tight when moving. This is a common "overwork obesity".

When the cardiopulmonary function is insufficient, the Qi of the whole body cannot move normally, just like the road is filled with garbage and cannot be smoothed. When the garbage cannot be removed, it is like the body has accumulated excess fat and water, which will also lead to an increase in blood turbidity. Over time, Caused metabolic, immune and cardiovascular diseases.

Overwork-type obesity is commonly caused by excessive consumption of mental energy and insufficient heart and lung energy, resulting in a loss of balance in water-fluid metabolism, resulting in edema and "puffiness".

There are also cases of obesity caused by overwork leading to lack of sleep and a decrease in liver detoxification function. By strengthening cardiopulmonary function and regulating the liver system, the body's ability to eliminate garbage on its own is improved.

In addition, there is insufficient Yang Qi in the spleen and stomach, resulting in poor appetite, loss of appetite, irregular bowel movements, or wanting to go to the toilet within a short period of time after eating, and prone to diarrhea. 

Clinically, to strengthen gastrointestinal function, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and moxibustion are used to enhance spleen and stomach Yang Qi. When the yang function of the spleen and stomach decreases, it can easily lead to uneven distribution of water in the body, making people feel thirsty and need to drink more liquid things, which also causes the body to form excess and unable to metabolize water, making the body become edema, heaviness, gradual deformation of the abdomen and calves, and loss of physical strength.

The core concept of TCM in improving obesity is to increase energy, regulate body temperature, and promote fat metabolism by balancing yang and yin in the body, thereby achieving "enhancement of metabolism" which is an important part of TCM treatment for weight loss.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that each person's constitution is unique, so formulating treatment plans based on differences in individual constitutions is one of the important principles of weight loss in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Through syndrome differentiation and treatment, traditional Chinese medicine provides personalized treatment plans for people with different physical constitutions, including the application of herbal medicine and acupuncture point selection, while achieving a gradual balance of physical and mental health.

The application of Chinese herbal medicine:

Each Chinese herbal medicine has its own unique properties and effects, and doctors select the appropriate herbal medicine based on each person's physical constitution and weight loss goals.

People with excessive dampness and heat in the body can choose herbs that can clear away dampness and heat, such as raw coix seed; people with weak constitutions can choose herbs that nourish the body, such as astragalus.

At the same time, appropriate dietary structure and dietary therapy can help us regulate our physique, promote metabolism, and accelerate weight loss.

About Acupuncture:

Auricular acupuncture treatment is based on the holographic theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Based on individual differences, acupuncture points are selected to regulate appetite, control diet, and promote metabolism. Of course, it is not only for weight loss, but also improves the problem of insomnia for some people.

Acupuncture is based on individual differences and selects acupoints on the spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder and kidney meridians to improve overall metabolic capacity.

Traditional Chinese medicine weight loss therapy provides a comprehensive and effective solution for weight loss patients. It not only loses weight, but also maintains physical and mental health by regulating metabolism and physical balance.


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