Voyager Tarot Reading

“The GPS of the Soul”: Unanswered Questions Being Answered

We are living in this changing, uncertain, complex and demanding world, we feel lost and we didn’t know what we really want and/ or how to manifest it. We all have this similar experience at a certain point of life. We didn’t know what to do next and have no idea how to move on. It is such a drain in our vitality, energy and creativity. We wish and pray that we can have our life map and magic compass so we can walk on our Hero/Heroine’s journey with ease, focus, grace and clarity. We all thrive to fulfill our purpose and radiate into the next stage of life with strength and guidance. 

Card on the right Right: XI Strength in Major Arcane of Voyager Tarot®, “the FREE AND CONTROLLED total expression of your being…… Have the courage of the lion to be yourself……Strength is living in full accord with the undiluted multiplicity of your spirit…..”

Instead of the traditional “fortune telling” reading, what we truly need is the transformational, informative and energetic tool to upgrade ourselves on the healing path and step into mastery of our own manifestationThe creative and innovative system of Voyager Tarot ® is the tool for everyone walking on their Hero/ Heroine’s Journey. It’s the formula for successful navigation for creation and fulfillment.


NOW, we have the map and we can focus on what truly matters to us. Priority and choices can then be made more consciously. So give yourself the permission of self-development and investment on who and what matters most in your life, and which is YOU, yourself, your vision and your dream!

What to expect in our session

During the one hour session, Katherine helps you to question everything you ever wanted to know about your life but didn’t know how to ask, what to ask and whom to ask. This is an enlightening, inspiring while very practical consultation with the amazingly symbolic and storytelling Voyager Tarot ® deck. You gain insights and understanding in the process, you walk on your journey courageously with your strength and manifest everything you would like to have in life. These will be your “Fortune Creation” process for making your visions and dreams come true.

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Our Therapists


Hong Kong

“The reading is valuable for what I wanted to know and also something that I didn’t realize in my subconscious mind”

“I booked my session with Katherine with my curiosity and confusion, hoped that I could see the answer for what I wanted to know. Eventually, Katherine made the reading session truly awesome with her pointy explaining (which is very honest and might be too much for some people). What I have gained the most in the session was the result showed a positive and accessible direction. After finding the core of my problem, I felt released and believe that I can make a change for myself. The reading is valuable for what I wanted to know and also something that I didn’t realize in my subconscious mind, but Katherine definitely has her way to reveal the truth. If you love someone to be honest and guide you to the right path, book in a reading with Katherine is all you need”