Valentine’s Day Question: Do you love me?

What an unusual question Filled with insecurity Filled with more than one question mark Lacking of actual Love Self-Love Waiting to be reassured Wanting to be placed in front of your own soul mirror Hoping to feel In need to heal Looking for deeper answers Why would someone love me? Why would someone look at me with stars in the eyes? What would someone see in me? The day I stopped loving myself I became unworthy of receiving love My heart without its own engine Looking for an external source of energy Craving for that magical love crystal Heart replenishment In vain It was already inside me all along Scared to be touched by my own arrow of love Frightened to see how beautiful i am How my inner shining stars could turn anyone blind So now let me ask this again Why don’t YOU love yourself? Some people enter your life not to give you answers but for you to ask yourself the right questions. Please be your Valentine... Sabrina Villard, our Shamanic Healing Therapist, shared how self love is the most important love we can invite into our lives to uplift our overall sense of well being and happiness. A shamanic energy healing session with her will take you on a journey of emotional healing and well-being of body, mind and Spirit, enhancing your personal life journey. While transitioning between real and non-ordinary reality worlds, Sabrina will support you on retrieving from the spirit world the remedy the soul requires to bring more harmony into your physical and emotional body.


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