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By Dr.Grace Yu 游心慈

Obesity in addition to diet and exercise-related, more importantly, is about metabolism, when the internal organs are dysfunctional, in charge of digestion and absorption, water and blood circulation of the liver, spleen, stomach, kidney function imbalance, easy to cause qi stagnation, dampness and other physical problems.

Acupuncture and cupping with Chinese herbal abdominal mask, play a gas, dampness, enhance the function of internal organs, strengthen the metabolism, and more importantly, can help with high blood lipids, high cholesterol, diabetes, gastrointestinal and gynecological problems and other issues leading to obesity,  will be improved at the same time.

Through the consultation, I will learn about your physical condition and develop a treatment plan for you. Acupuncture and cupping will be used, and Chinese medicine will also be used if necessary to treat the disease and harmonize the body.

A program consists of 12 treatments, the number program is recommended according to individual differences.

In the first stage, it is recommended to have 1~3 times per week to adjust the body's metabolic rate and eliminate swelling and heaviness according to individual differences, usually for 1~1.5 months; in the second stage, it is recommended to maintain the body's metabolism 1~2 times per week, and to eliminate the stubborn fat, and if necessary, it will be paired with 2-3 times of physiotherapy to adjust the muscle utilization habits and improve the body shape, usually for 1~2 months. The third stage is to consolidate the treatment. About 1~2 months.

The above treatments will be adjusted from person to person. Natural and healthy weight loss is what we care about.

It is also welcome for those who are recuperating after childbirth, and can be performed first with Womblifting treatments and abdominal massage

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