Tyler Mongan

Numerology Reading
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Numerology Consultant, Author of “Ho’olokahi Numerology: a Tool For Simplified, Integrated, and Creative Living.”, RYT Yoga Instructor

Numerology Reading

Tyler discovered numerology during medical school in 2007. As a published medical researcher and scientist, he was skeptical of the idea that numbers could provide valuable information about a person’s life. But he was intrigued and began studying a rare form of birthdate numerology.

Since then Tyler has applied it in his life in the areas of health, business, relationships, and personal & professional development. He is continually surprised by the value and accuracy of the information that the Ho’olokahi Birthdate Numerology System provides.

Tyler has done consultations for yogis, CEO’s, acupuncturists, medical doctors, therapists, psychologists, entrepreneurs, teachers, politicians, police officers, carpenters, musicians, martial artists – people from all walks of life and from many different countries. They have all been deeply inspired and activated by the information revealed by the Ho’olokahi Numerology.

Therapies by Tyler



"Very affirming and motivating"

"My Ho’olokahi Numerology Consultation was very affirming and motivating, a perfect tool that helped me clarify and jumpstart my purpose"

"Tyler is helping you interpret the meaning in your life"

"Tyler goes through each aspect of your birthchart, and the best part is he helps you discover how each of those aspects is already being manifested in your life, or how you can work towards manifesting them. Tyler isn’t just telling you what is on your chart, he is helping you interpret the meaning in your life, now."