Tuning Fork Therapy 

A non- intrusive treatment that aims to assist the realignment and the ‘tuning” of
human systems (inner world) and Universal Energy Field (outer world) with the sound and vibrations
activated by different Tuning Forks. The Therapy is based on the belief that sound and vibrations pass
through the body and elicit response within the body systems, while those systems in return response to
the sound and vibrations that are activated by different tuning forks. With the interactive responses
among the vibrations and the systems, the body resumes its path to have more harmony with the
environment once again.
Our inner world- meridians, blood flows, internal organs, nerve systems as well as the seven charkas and
aura have its own “flow” or the unique sounds and vibrations. If the vibrations of the outer world and
human systems are in resonance then we feel peaceful and fulfilled and vice versa. There are many
reasons for our “off balance”, including physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological factors which
may store in our systems as well as the way we take in energy in our everyday life (food, air, work and
words etc). The sound and vibrations activated by different forks help us to resonate more and more
with the Nature Flow of the Universe and brings in more peace and balance in our lives.
Using tuning forks for human body tuning also assists the body to activate its self-healing capacity as
well as helping to release the nitric oxide (NO), which is one of the smallest molecule in the nature and
nitric oxide is fundamental to all life- human, animal, insect and plant. NO also participates in the
healthy function of all main organ systems (Note 1). Tuning Fork Therapy may be beneficial to many
aspects of our life, such as:

– Support us to relieve from physical pain and issues in joints and muscles
– Support us to quiet down the busy mind and improve sleeping qualities
– Support us to release unresolved feelings and emotions
– Support us to bring in Inner peace and calmness
– Assist us in personal growth and heighten consciousness
– Support us to connect to our inner self in a deepened way
– Helps to clear, balance, activate and/or connect our charkas
– Support us to align the universe inside and outside
– Assist us in grounding

Please note that Tuning Fork Therapy is NOT suitable for pregnant women, clients with pacemaker,
metal pins, bindings, screws, colonoscopy bag, catheter and tubing in any position of the bodies.

What to expect in a Tuning Fork Therapy session

We gather and have a short discussion about what to work on in your session. Then we quiet ourselves
and set the intention together. You will then lie down and let go of your thoughts. The practitioner may start
the therapy with different forks to tune and balance the systems. Painful or imbalanced areas will be
taken care of. The tuning forks with different vibrations may be placed directly (touching on the skin),
indirectly (not touching on the skin) on your body and around your body to bring in peace and harmony
with alignment. You may feel the sounds and vibrations surrounding you throughout the session. We
will end with a short discussion and the practitioner will offer her genuine love on your journey.


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Our Therapists


CW Chan
Hong Kong

“Healing with the tuning forks with Katherine was an amazing relaxing experience.”

“Healing with the tuning forks with Katherine was an amazing relaxing experience. Knowing we are all
made of vibration I was intrigued by the concept of this treatment. Katherine moved from one tuning
fork to another, tapping into the vibration that was required for each part of the body. I felt calm and
uplifted after the session. She was also spot on about my concerns on a physical and emotional level. I’m
looking forward to my next session with Katherine and her tuning forks!”

Ms. Chow
Hong Kong

“I was in deep emotional pain and struggling about my relationship and feeling nowhere to go. It may be arranged by the Divine as I have a session with Katherine and her forks at that time. And the experiencewas extraordinary!!”

“I was in deep emotional pain and struggling about my relationship and feeling nowhere to go. It may be
arranged by the Divine as I have a session with Katherine and her forks at that time. And the experience
was extraordinary!! Katherine asked me to face down on the massage table which I always feel tense
and can’t relax. However, once Katherine started the vibrations on the back of my head, I feel deeply
tuned and I don’t feel any discomfort even though I hate lying down on my belly! The vibrations go in
deeply and I can feel my spine also vibrating while the forks were around my head. She continued on my
back with different forks and techniques, I feel the invisible stones carried on my shoulders are gone.
Then she asked me to turn and face up. Katherine knew I need to settle down and release, so she
combined vibrations with chakra crystals for me and for my highest good. I can’t describe how I feel in
words, but I can tell there is penetrating energy to release me, to cleanse me, to renew me and to heal
me in different levels. I can feel my emotional or psychological blocks are removed, I slept very well that
night (which I didn’t sleep well for weeks already). I can now see deeper meaning of my struggle and try
to work on it. So I would recommend Katherine as your companion in your healing journey.”