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The sudden changes in the pandemic situation and related government restrictions can cause additional stress to our daily lives. But when we change our perspective, we can easily find the opportunities and silver lining in the covid situation today, and how it can help us find better ways to love and take care of ourselves. 

We have rounded up our Balance Health experts for their recommendations on self-care in today’s time. .

Physical Self Care

Bodywork and Alternative Health Care Specialist Hafsa Khan is a strong believer in physical exercises to effectively address covid depression and covid stress. These exercises can be something very effortless like walking in a park or something very physically challenging like rock climbing.

Equally important is a healthy diet however.  Registered Kinesiologist Catherine Hermant  recommends that we get quality proteins like lean organic fish or poultry or nuts. She also suggests increasing our vegetable intake to eight portions and fruits to two portions a day. Above all, drink 2L of water a day.

As to the immunity boost, our resident TCM Doctor Michelle Zhang stresses the need for fresh air and fresh food that are nourishing to our bodies. Be aware of weather changes. She also reminds us to always bring a coat or scarf that could increase your flexibility and could help you stay comfortable in different weathers.

Mental Self Care

Michell See, Balance Health Hong Kong experienced therapist in integrated manual therapy, raindrop technique and meditation, advises first and foremost to be gentle with ourselves and accept the way we are. Remember that self acceptance and self love are the foundation of mental health. We need a strong foundation in order to build up strength and resilience. 

So how do we do this? Observe and listen to what your body is saying.  Spend time connecting with our bodies and explore what our bodies are trying to tell us.

For instance, when we feel down, we might need to be around those who have positive energy.  When we feel stressed, we might need to be alone, listen to our favorite music, read, write, paint, meditate, just to take our minds off. Build up our mental health one step at a time. Remember that you don’t have to walk up the whole staircase, just take the first step. 

Emotional Self Care

Our heart has a great impact on how we feel and react to the situations around us. Balance Health certified ancient massage therapist and bodywork expert Mona Choi advises that there are two ways to see and understand the world around us. We can see and understand with our mind. And we can also see and understand with our heart (also called the soul, the inner child, or the pure nature)

To get to the wisdom of the heart when meditationis one of the best ways to create the necessary space for us to breathe, think before reacting and get the heart’s intuition, perspectives and wisdom. By doing this successfully, you will be surprised by how different the answer that you will get as compared to what you will get from the mind.

Our experts at Balance Health offer a range of treatments to support you in making the best of the current times. Virtual consultations with our TCM doctors, distance healing and online hypnotherapy-meditation classes with expert Aldo Privileggi are all ways to create deep relaxation, calmness and open up a tremendously beautiful opportunity for deep peace, clarity and holistic healing. 

Covid-19 has been a great challenge to all of us. It has taught us to embrace change and do things differently. If the virus has the wisdom to survive by mutating, we humans should have the same inner wisdom to maintain our health and move forward. Balance Health experts are here to support you. Contact us and we are ready to help you.

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