What is Therapeutic Yoga?

Therapeutic Yoga is defined as the use of yoga practices for the prevention and treatment of medical conditions.

Beyond the physical elements of yoga, which are important and effective for strengthening the body, Therapeutic Yoga also incorporates appropriate breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation in order to achieve the maximum benefits.


What conditions can be treated?

1-Developmental and Preventative Uses of Yoga

Developmental uses of yoga are geared toward nurturing inherent capacities and facilitating mastery, e.g., strengthening the physical body, increasing energy and stamina, building coping capacity, and enhancing attention, concentration, and memory.
Preventative yoga approaches aim to protect and preserve capacity that an individual has already achieved. This may include protecting structural stability or maintaining self-esteem in the face of challenges.

2 -Therapeutic Uses of Yoga for Mental Health Disorders

Therapeutic yoga is intended to alleviate suffering, support rehabilitation, and improve quality of life. Studies have published teaching yoga therapeutic practices such as breathing practices, relaxation training, and a yoga gazing concentration exercise (trataka)to children diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and depression reduced dosage in stimulant medication reduce there cortisol level and and increase in parent-child relationship. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or eating disorder showed decreases in body dissatisfaction and an increase on a social self-concept scale with decreased anxiety and depression over time

3 -Application of Yoga to Medical Disorders

The literature evaluating the effectiveness of yoga as an intervention for specific medical disorders with adults is more robust that the literature is with youth. Beneficial effects from yoga in adult populations have been reported for cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, back pain, and asthma. Integrated yoga intervention that included yoga postures, breathing techniques, and cleansing rituals improved pulmonary functions, exercise capacity, and exercise-induced bronchoconstriction and showed positive outcomes of weight loss, improved self concept, and anxiety symptoms.

How Therapeutic Yoga can impact your lives

Yoga is intended to have an optimizing effect in development of concentration and attention, a primary prevention strategy to enhance children’s and adult’s mental health and physical vigor.

It’s a tool for reduction of anxiety, stress, mood states and self awareness and present a healthy mode of exercise for youth who are obese, underweight or IBS.

Yoga advocates a self-accepting, noncompetitive, and nonjudgmental attitude that may be especially appealing to youth with physical limitations, body dissatisfaction, or emotional insecurities. The less threatening approach of yoga may be more enticing than competitive sports as a means to increase children’s levels of physical activity and mental well-being. Yoga also help with children’s self-regulation.


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