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The word “acupuncture” would trigger feelings of fear when it connects the automatic association with needle and sting. Many people would hesitate to give it a try even though they learn that acupuncture is quite helpful. If you happen to be one of them, abdominal acupuncture might be your solution.

Abdominal acupuncture is a systematic technique based on the holographic theory of the body. When using this kind of acupuncture, TCM practitioners would focus on the meridian points around the abdominal region. As for the word “holographic”, it refers to a concept that almost every part of the body has a specific reflecting point on the abdomen. If we could find the right reflecting points, we could make use of these points to treat various illnesses. For example, if you are suffering from neck pain, we would use the acupuncture needle to stimulate the reflecting point of the cervical spine on your abdominal region. This stimulus would trigger the self-healing process of the body to relieve the pain. Gif Maker 2022 06 24T100502.282

Why is it painless?

If you have ever tried acupuncture, you would know that it may cause soreness, numbing, swelling, and painful feeling when the needle pierces the skin. These needling sensations are stronger at the limb region, especially the limb endings. However, the abdominal region has a less dense distribution of nerve endings, so that it would cause a lighter needling sensation. Most people can hardly feel anything when the needle penetrates the skin of their abdomen. Besides, intense needling sensation does not belong to the healing requirements of abdominal acupuncture. So, during the whole treatment process, you are not expected to feel the pain caused by the needles. 

Why choose abdominal acupuncture?

A lot of patients feel curious and strange when they experience abdominal acupuncture for the first time. “My neck hurts, but why do you put needles on my tummy?” Abdominal acupuncture has its strengths in treating neck or lower back pain. First, patients need to lie prostrate when using normal acupuncture methods. If the patients have serious pain around the spine, holding this posture might be very hard and even cause difficulty in breathing. But you can just lie flat when doing abdominal acupuncture, which is the most comfortable posture for the treatment. Second, abdominal acupuncture can stimulate a comprehensive adjustment of the body, even the deeper visceral organs. That’s why it can treat the pain from the innermost origin and boost body function. 

What is the whole process of a single session?

Finding the right reflecting point is the vital step of the treatment, so practitioners are required to use a ruler to measure the meridian points and draw marks first. Then, they would put needles according to the marks. In the next step, practitioners would adjust the depth of the needles based on different needs of the treatment requirements. After the adjustment, retaining time begins (usually around 25 minutes). During the retaining time, patients just need to relax and focus on their breathing. The whole process would be very cozy and comfortable. Gif Maker 2022 06 22T083814.452

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