The Magic of Hypnotherapy

Nature has its own “IIS” (inbuilt intelligence system) and because  we are also nature we also have the IIS built into us.  Hypnosis  empathises with our IIS and not only  coherently works with it but also strengthens it and can repair it.
The hypnotherapy patient doesn’t even need to talk to the hypnotherapist for this to happen.
This can all occur without even a word spoken by the patient during the session.

Hypnosis is gentle and soothing but very effective at reaching the root cause and   it releases the processing at the pace that is comfortable for you, allowing you to unfold gracefully & naturally (like a blooming flower) or  just like your hair how it grows effortlessly but miraculously steady and consistent without any effort on your behalf by using IIS.

The processing and magic of hypnotherapy often continues a few days after the session.  There is both a short term processing and a long processing that occur simultaneously together on two different levels & depths. It is a common experience after the hypnosis sessions for the patient to have positive or enlightening revelations sometimes also known as “ah ha”  moments. These ‘ah ha”  moments occur spontaneously they seem to just come out of Nowhere (Now_here).

An “ah ha” is the experience when you suddenly have a moment of pure clarity and certainty about something that suddenly makes sense to you and you experience an instant understanding and/or a feeling of relief connected to that understanding.
This is then usually followed by an effortless gentle letting go of the underlying issue:  a negative belief, feeling, habit or behaviour that was attached to the original root source of the problem.

These are some of the reasons Hypnosis has recently become the number 1 fastest growing  and accepted form of natural healing/therapy in the USA & United Kingdom and is on the up rise and rapidly growing.

Contributed by Aldo Privileggi.



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