The Gut-Brain connection – Its significant impact on our Immunity & Stress

The Gut-Brain connection – Its significant impact on our Immunity & Stress

What is your Gut Microbiome?
As friendly bacteria and other types of microorganisms live in our gut, the digestive tract that begins in our mouth and ends in our colon. There are tens of thousands of different types of bacteria in each inch of our gut lining. These microbes are our tiny friends with benefits.

Is your Gut Microbiome linked to your health?
YES! The gut microbiome is dubbed the gut brain due to the extreme impact it has on our actions. It is also the key to healthy digestion, a balanced immune system that isn’t prone to allergies and food sensitivities.
The gut microbiome:
- Determines whether you are overweight or at a healthy weight.
- Balances our brain and lowers our sensitivity to stress
- Impacts your emotional health
- Contains the key neurotransmitters for mood - which are activated by healthy gut flora - thus
influencing your emotional health. 90% of all Serotonin - the hormone for well-being, happiness,
learning and appetite - is synthesized in the gut brain.
• Influences our perception of pain
• Alters our taste receptors - making us crave food and change our eating patterns to favor their

The Gut Microbiome in Disease
The deforestation of the Gut microbiome by antibiotics has been associated to higher stress, anxiety, depression and poor memory functioning. Poor Gut biodiversity and imbalanced gut ecosystems have been also been implicated in:
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease
• Obesity
• Autism
• Celiac disease
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Other immune and autoimmune diseases
The Gut brain also called Enteric Brain - the neurons found through the intestines and the entirety of the gut contain much more neurons than brain. The Gut Brain has an great influence on the functioning of the immune system.

Changes in our modern lives since the 1950s that have destabilised the Gut microbiome and the immune system
Our modern lifestyles: our diets, C-sections, insufficient breastfeeding, antibiotics and anti- bacterial products have all tremendously impacted the biodiversity of our inner ecosystem.
This deforestation of the microbiome has left our immune and digestive system in chaos and is behind the skyrocketing rate of inflammatory conditions, allergies, and autoimmune diseases.

Healthy Microbiome = A Balanced Immune System
Your microbiome, stress and other factors influence the balance between the 2 arms of the immune system. Ideally there are leukocytes that act as warrior cells that are primed to fight of invading bacteria and viruses, as well as a healthy amount of peacekeepers cells to maintain the friendly flora of the microbiome and keep inflammation, allergies, auto-immunity at bay.

How do you re-balance your Gut Microbiome and immune system?


The latest scientific research on the microbiome and the immune system has been synthesised to develop stunningly effective techniques that “reset” the immune system out from over reactive inflammatory and allergic states, and maintain optimum healthy gut flora.
• Highlights pathogens and quickens immune response
• Boosts healthy “good” bacteria in the microbiome and fights invasive “bad” bacteria
• Balances allergic reactions and food intolerances
• Reduces the frequency and duration of flus with the body chemistry treatment
• Balances the communication between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems and the gut microbiome.
• Addresses underlying causative factors of health issues that include epigenetic markers, emotional stressors, environmental toxicities and microbiome health.
• Works with inherited conditions by balancing both the genetic and epigenetic factors.
• Deals with the impacts of antibiotics, C - sections, formula feeding and diet.

Angie Tourani will clarify the reason why an unhealthy gut can lead to sickness and simple steps to boost your immune system

The immune system is precisely that — a system, not a single entity. To function well, it requires balance and harmony. Imbalances and inflammatory overreaction destabilize the immune system, but there are things you can do as individuals to restore harmony with holistic health care.

Attendees of the talk on the 13th of Juneare eligible for a 20 minute BodyTalk exploratory session with Advance Certified BodyTalk Practitioner Angie Tourani


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