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Every Wednesday
from 10:00am - 11:30am

Location: Balance Health

Price: HK$1,080 for 4 sessions

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2530 3315 or fill out the form below.

Everything that exists in life follows hidden principles and laws. Each human interaction is actually a specific exchange of life energy, and understanding this will give us the tools we need to change our lives.

Knowing and understanding these hidden principles and laws is not only essential for personal well-being, but most importantly for all fulfilling relationships and for helping our children find their place in life and society.

Thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, an extraordinarily high-developed culture founded and practiced a system of wisdom for improving all aspects of society and health. This system has been forgotten for a long time, but now we have the opportunity once again to study and apply this fantastic knowledge to the challenges of modern life.

In this workshop we will learn the foundations of this ancient Western Element-Philosophy from its very roots.

Workshop Contents:

1. What really happens in communication, interaction, relationships and education.
We will learn the mechanics of everything important that goes on between human beings.

2. The three planes and dimensions of daily life - thoughts, emotions and the body- seen in a different light.
How is the microcosm we live in built? How do thoughts influence emotions and health? Why are emotions so difficult to change and control?

3. The four elements: their theory and phenomena in us and in the world.
How we can understand complex things using simple principles, and develop better understanding to allow for better decisions.

4. Harmony and disharmony: how we create joy, happiness, suffering and pain.
How does it really work? Why do we sometimes experience such inconvenient situations? What can we do to avoid accidents and arguments?

5. How to understand the world through the elements that create it.
For what purpose do important events happen? Why does our behavior today have unalterable consequences? What can we change?

6. Practice: How to use the elements to balance and improve our relationships and educational skills.
How can we educate without exhausting our vitality? When do relationships or friendships work, and when don't they? How can we handle difficult people in a better way? What does a healthy interaction look like?

7. Personal development through the principle of mastering character.
What can we achieve in life regarding wisdom, knowledge and health? How can we really evolve out of our personal issues instead of only learning to better cope with them?

How can we achieve a deep experience of joy and contentedness independent from difficult circumstances in life?
These and many more important points will be covered in the program.

If you are open-hearted, have an interested mind and want to feel the change, this is group is a perfectly fit for you.

Due to the personal issues of this sessions, the number of participants is limited.

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