The Holistic Healing Power of Spirituality

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Spirituality has deep roots in Hong Kong and wider Chinese culture. However, the 21st century has seen adherence to spiritual rituals reduce as technology develops. That being said, the healing power of spirituality has been brought into sharp focus once again by teens seeking help for depression. According to the South China Morning Post, young people are turning in droves towards spirituality to help recover from challenging mental health diagnoses. The faith in spiritual healing is well founded, too. Spirituality is a result of a connection between your powerful and flexible mind and the world around you, and helps to strengthen the body - mentally and physically.

How spirituality functions, and how to reach it

The essence of spirituality is a basic idea. Whereas organized religion puts a name and lore behind spirituality, on an individual basis it is simply a connection with the world around you and having a concern for your own soul. Spirituality has been practiced for time immemorial, ranging from the initial curiosities over what happiness is, to traditional healers employing healing rituals through tarot cards in the 15th century. Latterly, Thai occultism has landed in Hong Kong, but most of the hallmarks it brings are those of classic spiritualism; that is, a deep involvement with nature and appreciation of the natural life forces. A simple way to experience spirituality on your own is to find a piece of nature and silently experience and enjoy the natural energy you feel in that place.

The mental benefits of having a spiritual philosophy

Spiritualism is frequently cited as having a positive effect on mental wellbeing. Scientific studies back this assertion, too. A Hong Kong Institute of Education study of 15,000 secondary school students found that spirituality strong correlates with all round wellness, clearly demonstrating the benefit of having a spiritual connection and/or philosophy. Many anxiety disorders and depressive conditions have some foundation in poor self esteem, fears and insecurity; spirituality can help to fight these feelings by providing a sense of confidence.

The physical benefits

It is well established by science, including a study by the USA’s Dialogues of Clinical Neuroscience, that continual stress and anxiety can put the body into a semi-permanent ‘fight or flight’ mode in which stress hormones are elevated. The long term result is physical damage to body, including stomach ulcers, exhaustion, insomnia and more. Spirituality can greatly aid in combating these symptoms. Meditation, when planned to a formal schedule, can bring down anxiety, and has many roots in spirituality. Taken as an additional therapy, this can bring about long-term improvements in physical stress symptoms. Spirituality is often thought of as being confined to religion, when in fact anyone can practice the ancient tenets it proposes. A connection with nature and development of your personal philosophy will help your long term vitality and reduce stress levels.   Do you want to learn how you can deepen your spiritual practice? Book a 20min complementary holistic health exploratory session: Tel: +852 2530 3315 E-mail:  


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