The 5 Minute Guide to Heart Clearing

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Clear painful emotions at the core, so that its easier to live a happier, more peaceful and heart centered life NOW

What is Heart Clearing?
Heart clearing is the process of clearing negatively charged emotions
from the heart, so that its easier to live a happier, more peaceful and
heart centered life.

How Do You Know If You Need a Heart Clearing?
#1 You feel pain in your heart when you focus there
#2 You live in your head to feel safe, but you feel numb to life.
#3 You push people away that get to close.
#4 You feel the need to control people and situations to feel safe.
#5 You can’t remember when you have ever felt unconditionally loved.
#6 You don’t feel like you deserve love.
#7 You have intense emotions like anger or depression that are easily triggered.
#8 You have residual negative emotions that have persisted so long they feel normal.

Why Get Your Heart Cleared?
#1 You feel more alive and heart centered
#2 You’ll feel like you added a 6th sense to perceive the world with.
#3 Your energy goes up – attracting better people and opportunities into your life
#4 You get to fully experience what its like to love and receive love
#5 You get liberated from negatively charged emotions associated with the past.
#6 You’ll no longer fear heart pain, knowing you have a process for handling it.
#7 You can stop seeking validation or love from others, because you love yourself.
#8 You no longer need to control everything to feel safe.

How Do You Know If You’re Ready to Clear the Heart?
#1 You are ready to start feeling more ALIVE
#2 You are ready to start being more REAL
#3 You are ready to discover your PURPOSE
#4 You are ready to live from your HEART SPACE
#5 You are ready to allow people into your HEART
#6 You are ready for a permanent UPGRADE
#7 You are ready for a major life change and NEW HABITS

5 Steps to Heart Clearing
• Investigate – Focus on the heart and find the pain
• Isolate – Discover specifically where it is most intense
• Initiate – Allow the heart to release the pain, overcome any resistance!
• Integrate – Follow through on new actions or habits to make it a new reality.
• Inquire – Review heart for more pain and repeat steps above until clear.

This process will help you get a basic understanding of how it works.

Remember that the head may understand the process, but only the heart can do the work.

It’s one thing to understand how heart clearing works, it’s another thing to connect with the heart space and do it. This is why I highly recommend working with a heart clearing facilitator. But if you want to initiate the clearing process yourself, you’ll now have the process for doing so.

Contribution by James Rick..


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