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What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine places the utmost importance on maintaining a balance within our body. At its core, all Chinese Medicine theories such as Yin-Yang stipulate that we are healthy when we live in balance and we weaken our immune system and get ultimately ill when our body experiences imbalances.

The objective of any diagnosis is to determine the imbalances in our bodies. A change to our balance can be due to external factors such as a change to our living environment or our lifestyle. It can however also be due to internal factors like our emotional state. Unlike Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine diagnosis relies on both visible and invisible information to diagnose an illness. A doctor uses his own eyes to see symptoms or have to rely on asking questions to the patient or use his other sense to detect relevant information.

We address your health issues in an alternative, complementary and integrative way. We do not work miracles – we offer treatment through techniques that have a proven track record.


Why Choose Online Consultation?


Our team of Chinese medicine practitioners is here to support you & your health goals, no matter where you are. At the comfort of your home you can access non-emergency medical inquiries during or after normal business hours and on weekends.


Alternative approach to treat chronic illness and symptoms at their root cause. They will learn about your health history, discuss your current health challenges, and develop a treatment customized for your health needs.


Our team of registered Chinese medicine practitioners will be able to help you troubleshoot your health concerns, from fertility to anxiety; digestive problems to lowered immunity, & more. They’ll also be able to prescribe customized herbal formulas, recommend appropriate vitamins & supplements and dietary suggestions.

What are the Inclusions?

20 to 30 Minutes Comprehensive Health Consultation
with TCM practitioner through Phone, Video, or Email communication

Overall Traditional Chinese Medicine to help you with:

⦁ MOOD: mood disorders & stress
⦁ IMMUNE: fever, cough, malaise, common cold & flu
⦁ DIGESTION: digestion & elimination
⦁ SLEEP & ENERGY: insomnia in all ages, sleep disturbances, low energy
⦁ HORMONAL: painful & irregular periods, heavy or absent periods, autoimmune conditions
⦁ FERTILITY: reproductive health
⦁ WEIGHT LOSS: obesity, diet, metabolism
⦁ SKIN ISSUES: eczema, hives, skin allergies
⦁ PAIN: headaches & migraines, chronic pain & acute injury

How does it work?

7 Easy Steps to Improve Your Health with Chinese Medicine Virtual Consultation

"I've had problems with my menstrual cramps and I tried booking an online consultation with Dr. Grace Yu. She explained to me my Chinese Body Type and which part of my organ I should watch out for, she also analyzed my tongue which gave me a better perspective about the condition of my health. After our session, she prescribed me with Chinese Herbs, and shipped to my Home Address. Now I am feeling much better and had minimal to no occurrence of my cramps!
Monica D.
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