Traditional Chinese Medicine

Balance Health’s registered TCM Hong Kong practitioners combine the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine with a holistic view of your physical and emotional needs. In TCM, the fundamental objective is to restore and maintain the natural balance in your body.

About Traditional Chinese Medicine


Also called as Oriental Medicine, TCM is a medical system that has been used by registered practitioners for thousands of years now to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. It is based on the understanding that the body's vital energy called qi flows along channels called meridians in the body and keeps our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, emotional, mental health in balance.

TCM practices are aimed at restoring the body’s balance and harmony between the natural opposing forces of yin and yang, which can block qi and cause disease. As of its coverage, TCM includes herbal therapy, diet, acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, meditation, physical exercise, and massage.

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Benefits From TCM


TCM is developed from ancient Chinese philosophy that we treasure the balance between human body and nature. So when a patient comes to us, we look for imbalance of the whole person instead of illness or diseases. In a sense, we have a wide range of “diseases”. It could treat neck pain due to stress, cough and running nose because you catch a cold; Or, it can help relieve symptoms caused by cancer. Moreover, we always want to be a step ahead to maintain the balance of our body before it really develops into certain diseases. Even if you don’t have any abnormal results of lab tests, we can help you understand your body features and guide you on how to take care of it through analyzing your body type. So, TCM can benefit everyone.

What to Expect

Your visit in our TCM Hong Kong clinic will begin with an in-depth assessment of your condition and an initial treatment. Depending on your needs, cupping, acupuncture, herbal treatment, moxibustion, or any of the other below treatments will be recommended to treat, heal and restore natural harmony for your constitution.

Remote Consultations Available

We also offer remote consultations for customers outside of Hong Kong. Please follow these steps for remote consultations:

1. Book Appointment Book an appointment through phone (+852 2530 3315) or email ( Please provide the following information:
- Full Name
- Phone number & email
- Skype Name
- Available date and time

2. Payment
Balance Health will send through a payment request of 500HKD for the consultation fee to our bank account:
Beneficiary Bank: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd
Beneficiary Bank Account Number: 502-418254-838
Beneficiary Name: Balance Health Limited

3. Online Diagnosis Form
We will send through a Diagnosis Form and the practitioner's skype contact. Please fill complete the form and send to at least 1-2 days before your consultation. This will allow the practitioner enough time to assess your health.

4. Skype Consultation
Please add the practitioner's skype name before your consultation and be ready to call her.

5. Chinese Medicine (optional)
If there is a need for Chinese herbal medicine, we will inform you of the price and send it through the payment request. Once we receive the payment, we will arrange the Chinese herbal medicine. We will arrange to deliver the medicine through shipping, and the shipping fees will be included in the Chinese herbal medicine price.

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Related Treatments

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Cupping therapy is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice that involves suctioning or vacuuming sections of the body. The cups are heated by swabbing rubbing alcohol on the bottom and then lighting the cup. It can also be done by placing an inverted cup over a flame to aid in suctioning.

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Facial Acupuncture

Praised for hundreds of years in Asia for its anti-age benefits, facial acupuncture brings about a revolution in our quest for beauty. Facial acupuncture has various health benefits for us just like the other acupuncture Hong Kong treatments that Balance Health and wellness center offers. It can reduce wrinkles, lift sagging skin, eliminate fine lines and improve skin colour and texture. Many have found it to be effective even after one treatment.

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Balance Health’s registered TCM Hong Kong practitioners are experts in acupuncture. Acupuncture together with Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system that is capable of diagnosing and successfully treating a wide range of conditions including respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, circulatory disorders, infertility, immune disorders and more.

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Nutritional Coaching

Food is energy. It can make us vibrant and help us to climb our daily mountains or it can plumet us slowly and surely. Once our energy is dysregulated, our body-mind-spirit are affected. However, through Functional Nutrition, we have the power to influence easily and rapidly what we are made of and how we can function at an optimal level.

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Michelle Zhang
Michelle Zhang
Ci Mail
Bx Phone +852 2530 3315
Michelle is trained in acupuncture and a registerd TCM oractitioner in Hong Kong.
During her practice, she finds her passion in searching the connection between mind and body. She begins her journey in studying psychotherapy, hoping to explore the possibilities to integrate it with TCM. She has an open mind, and she regards herself as a companion to her patients to grow together.
Clara Chan
Clara Chan
Ci Mail
Bx Phone +852 2530 3315
Clara Chan is a registered TCM practitioner in Hong Kong, acupuncturist and master on the different areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine such as fertility.
She has helped a lot of client in their fertility journey. In the recent pandemic situation, Clara Chan has also used her knowledge in TCM to help patients with covid and long-covid conditions.
A Female Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM Doctor Wearing A White Lab Coat Works In Central Hong Kong
Grace Yu
Ci Mail
Bx Phone +852 2530 3315
Grace Yu Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Grace is a registered Traditional Chinese medicine practicioner with a holistic approach. She studied craniosacral resonance therapy in Taiwan in 2013. From then on, she had a broader vision on healing and started having a deeper understanding of the world outside and inside of the human body.
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