TCM Dr. Grace Yu on Infertility – Part 2

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Dr. Grace Yu  (YU HSIN TZU)(游心慈 香港註冊中醫師)


This is the second part of a series of blogs on how TCM addresses and offers infertility care. In the first part of this series, Dr. Grace Yu tackles the difference in the methods used by Chinese medicine when it comes to infertility care as compared with the Western medicine. Recommended to read through the first part - TCM Dr. Grace Yu on Infertility.

Chinese medicine treatment for infertility is based on a three-month course of Chinese medicine combined with acupuncture, which is usually one to three courses of treatment. Of course, some people may get pregnant early, that is, two weeks after taking the medicine, the next period does not come and pregnancy occurs. I've had many patients who conceived sooner than they thought they would, but they weren't prepared for it, and the pregnancy caused them other stresses.

Pregnancy is a joint effort between husband and wife, and we have found that the success rate is higher when couples come together for treatment because they have a common goal to work towards. If only the wife is treated, the wife will be under a lot of psychological pressure and often give up because she is not able to do it, which will delay the pregnancy.

Therefore, if the couple can work together to improve their physical condition, not only will they be able to get pregnant earlier, but the baby will also be healthier and the chance of miscarriage will be reduced. 

At present, the consensus of Chinese and Western medical practitioners on infertility is rather different, those who consult Chinese medicine practitioners tell you not to consult Western medicine practitioners, and those who consult Western medicine practitioners tell you not to take Chinese medicines. As a result, patients are at a loss as to what to do. As a result of long experience, I have come to believe that Chinese and Western medicine practitioners should work together for the benefit of the patient, and that they will cooperate with Western medicine practitioners to conduct examinations, and then finally use pure Chinese medicine to regulate the condition.

Therefore, if you have a lot of infertility tests that have not been done, we will recommend you to have a checkup, if you have already completed the obstetrics and gynecology examination, you can also directly provide us with the examination information.

Female checkups include endocrine, blood sampling, and checking the smoothness of the fallopian tubes, which are blocked or sticky in about 40% of all cases of infertility. At the same time, ultrasound will be done to check for tumors, uterine lining and ovulation.

For men, sperm quality will be examined.

Dr. Grace Yu (游心慈) from Taiwan, Hong Kong registered Chinese medicine practitioners, will be in Hong Kong in mid-March(March11-19), if there is a need to understand about infertility and experiential health , welcome to ask, and also service remote online consultation.

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