Susanne Schutz

Classical Feng Shui Consultant
+852 2530 3315

Hong Kong based foreign Feng Shui consultant and Founder and Managing Director of Suzhong Consulting Limited.

Susanne has spent 20 years in Asia (China, India & the Philippines), where she worked as a business and management consultant for almost 16 years before deciding to follow her passion and making a drastic career change to become a Feng Shui consultant. She took a sabbatical to study with Grandmaster “Dato” Joey Yap in Kuala Lumpur and graduated from the Mastery Academy for Chinese Metaphysics with a degree in Classical Feng Shui.

Learn how to bring the true spirit of Feng Shui into a modern context

She has since settled down in Hong Kong where she offers Feng Shui consulting for residential and commercial projects. Susanne is passionate about bringing the true spirit of Feng Shui into a modern context, while also educating the expat community in Hong Kong about the background, history and core principles of Feng Shui. She frequently presents to expat associations and clubs, and also conducts Feng Shui city and hiking tours in and around Hong Kong.

Susanne’s business background and her subsequent career change have made her very aware of the potential and hidden talents that lie in all of us, and have made her passionate about helping others to maximize their own life potential.