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Balance Health’s Stress Assessment helps you to identify the factors that effect your wellbeing during work, leisure and sleep. Our Stress Assessment helps you to manage stress, enhance recovery and sleep quality and exercise right. Either you define your stress profile with an easy questionnaire at home or you capture the whole picture and you define your daily stress factors with our HRV Stress Assessment tool.

Define your Stress Profile – Easy Questionnaire
Identifying and rating the stressors in your life is the first step in deciding where you need to implement change. Find out your stress profile with this easy and quick questionnaire. You can do it easily at home.

HRV Stress Assessment – Capture the whole picture
HRV Stress Assessment captures the whole picture. Designed for professional health and wellness checks, the HRV Stress Assessment combines 24-hour evaluations with industry leading analytics. The assessment reveals what is happening inside your body and explains why it is happening. In a personal evaluation with our Stress Management Counselor you will discover causes of stress, you will define activities that promote recovery which are in line with your personal goals and you will learn to enhance your sleep quality. Read more


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