Strengthen the Parent-Child Bond with Ling Yee

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Are you constantly worried or anxious about your child?

Are you stressed about your child’s behavior?

Do you feel guilty or anxious when away from your child?

Do you feel guilty about what you have done or said in the past?

Do you feel or think that your child has an issue and you want to help but don’t know how?

Do you constantly feel that your child doesn’t meet your expectations?

Do you feel rejected by your child?

Why do we think and behave the way we do?

You might be surprised to find that the stress and emotions we experience surrounding our child is not only caused by the child’s behavior but rather our own reaction to our current life situation. This originates from early on when we were as young as 6, during this time we acquire beliefs about ourselves from experiencing traumas, whether they are significant or seem less so.

 Whenever our child lashes out or screams at us in a way we disapprove, we feel triggered to react, and these reactions originate from long-held, deeply rooted fears and beliefs from early on in life.

 In this situation our child is overwhelmed and actually needs us to be present, allowing him to express and process his emotions and to feel loved and safe.

The reality is, we often react more than we respond; we talk more than we listen; we judge more than we accept and we want him to stop rather than us to be more present.

When we haven’t resolved our emotional baggage from our own past, we will always struggle to be the loving and giving parent. Once an external event triggers our subconscious programs, we can try as hard as we want but still ending up saying and doing things we regret later.

How can EFT and Matrix Reimprinting help?

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks definitely doesn’t apply with EFT & Matrix Reimprinting. This therapy helps to reprogram the subconscious thoughts and patterns that are holding us back from learning new ways of interacting with our child.

What exactly is EFT?

EFT aka Emotional Freedom Technique, fuses Ancient Chinese Acupressure with modern day psychology  and how we process and store memories and emotions. This technique also integrates parts of the EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) therapy.

Blockages in the body’s energy system that lead to stress, reactive emotions, physical pain, etc., can be released by using EFT.

Successful and positive results are phenomenal and can unlink troublesome and traumatic events, memories, beliefs, and emotions from where they have been stored in our bodies.

What exactly is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting takes EFT to the next level. It allows us to go straight back into past memories without emotional disruption or stress and clear negative energies from past traumatic events. These events form limiting beliefs that impact our daily lives, even if we aren’t conscious of it. If you find yourself having beliefs affecting your self worth, or falling into the same old pattern of self-punishment, then Matrix Reimprinting can help.

Matrix Reimprinting allows us to break the chains of behavior patterns by transforming the picture or perception of that memory. This allows physical and emotional healing to take place, and in turn attract more positive experiences into their life and manifest goals and dreams.

It’s possible to rewrite the perception of our memories and free ourselves from the past, creating a positive and happy present and future. Once our beliefs have changed, our energy field change, we see ourselves attracting different things into our life.

Matrix Reimprinting also allows us to work on memories from birth, the birth itself and in utero where we already take on our parent’s emotions.

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About the therapist:

Ling Yee is a certified EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, and passionate about helping people heal in body, mind and spirit by unlocking old traumas that lie in our subconscious, and rewriting them to bring about a state of peace and happiness. She also draws from her knowledge in aromatherapy to enhance the treatment’s effects with the powerful use of essential oils.


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