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Hello 2022! Time flies fast. We are starting a new year and a new chapter in our lives. After all the festivities, eating and drinking sessions, reunions and celebrations, it is now the time to heal our bodies and minds. It is the perfect opportunity for healing, fasting and detoxing.

What is Fasting?

Fasting is a voluntary and a natural process wherein humans or even animals try to live off the fat reserves accumulated in their body. During the fasting process we abstain from the usual amount of food intake, with the goal to cleanse or detox the body, have a metabolic reset and normalize the weight of the body.

Beyond the physical, however, fasting is also an effective method to get in touch with the spiritual dimension and deep emotions. 

The Benefits of Fasting

What are the different benefits of fasting? A lot of research shows fasting to be beneficial in preventing various health conditions and illnesses, such as metabolic diseases, rheumatic diseases and body pain. In addition to these, those who have been suffering from hypertension, inflammatory diseases and even psychosomatic disorders can also find healing through regular and expert-guided fasting combined with a recommended lifestyle regimen.

Fasting plays a helpful role in the detoxification process especially now during the post holiday season. It plays a key role in metabolizing, breaking down and eliminating excessive and harmful substances such as strong alcoholic drinks and beverages that can harm our liver and other organs like the large intestine, kidneys and lungs. 

Speaking of alcoholic beverages, fasting or even giving up on these drinks has long-term health benefits. In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Balance Health Hong Kong nutrition coach and kinesiologist Catherine Van Den Broek Hermant said that better tissue repair, nutrient absorption and a lower cancer risk are among the major benefits.

In addition to preventing chronic diseases, fasting programs, especially guided by experts, provide new experiences for us to change and discover our ability to survive and change our lifestyle. 

An Expert’s Approach to Fasting

One of the most effective and proven scientific-based approaches is the 9-day detox program. It can be done individually for better tailoring of individual health needs or with support from other health and wellness warriors in a group setting. 

This program is gentler to our system and at the same time provides more impressive results as compared to the other approaches. It is especially helpful for those who want to experience liver detox as it gives your liver some rest time when it comes to processing food. During the liver detox, energy mobilization, cell renewal and quick toxic load elimination happens. 

The 9-day detox program works in a 2-5-2 setting. For the first two days, the calorie intake is limited to 750kcal per day. Starting slow, it will prepare your body for the changes that are about to come. As you are readying for the actual fasting, it is important to gradually eliminate inflammatory foods such as sugar, protein, salt and fat. Equally important during this period is the emotional and cognitive preparation in order to anticipate the thoughts and cravings that will invariably occur. Hence, less activities and more rest are required.

Once you have completed the slow down phase, you will then proceed with the vegetable broth fast for five days. An expert will outline the activities and guide the thoughts for each day, in order to most effectively progress the fasting. The recuperation phase of 2 days consists of herbal teas, vegetables and other light diet items, and should be done to give your body time to recover. 

A consultation with a registered care provider, kinesiologists and nutrition coach can tailor a fasting and detoxing program that will optimize outcomes and be gentle on the body. This will ensure that you will fast in a safe and appropriate manner, and will also give you assurance that you can truly experience the fasting benefits.

Balance Health is an expert provider in the field of fasting and detox programs. To start the year in the right mind, body and spirit, we have fasting and detox events that will be overseen by expert and registered kinesiologist, detox and nutrition coach Catherine Hermant. 

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