“Spark Your Life” Program
with Judy Xu

Special New Year Session – It’s Time to Create Your Own Miracle and Realise Your Dreams.

Our alternative medicine practitioners effectively use touch therapy to release your emotional sufferings and restore your physical body to its healthy state.
Balance Health energy medicine masters channel the universal life force to restore balance, eliminate blockages and holistically heal our mind and body.
Executive empowerment and personal growth is among our priorities. Our experienced life and executive coaches will help you reach your full potential.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Do you want to start 2023 with a compelling vision for the future and empowered actions towards your main goals?

Are you ready to leave behind the failed New Year resolutions and put your right foot forward this time, creating the life you desire?

Looking for the best gift for you or that special person in your life?

Then Spark Your Life –  Special New Year Session with Judy is what you need!

360°Journey of Personal Exploration

This Spark Your Life Program is a curated program with three of the best tools Judy has come across in her growth journey.

Wheel of Life

Breakthrough-generating questions, for you to get clear on your life priorities, as you design and refine your Wheel of Life for the New Year.


Translating your energetic DNA for 2023, from your Numerology reading, into your most efficient actions to reach your goals.


Embodiment of your power and purpose through a Future visualisation, to integrate higher-self wisdom into your plans

What You Take Away

At the end of the 2-hour session with Judy, you will leave:

  • Energised and confident about how to achieve your dreams
  • Clear and focused on your priorities for 2023, with at least 3 impactful actions to take you forward
  • Empowered and positive about the future you are co-creating for yourself in the coming year.


A life-changing gift!

BOOK your Spark Your Life – Special New Year session now.


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