Discover your soul’s purpose, your talent’s and gifts, and the blocks that are holding you back. Working with your Akashic records (past lifetimes), your chakras and guides, Justin acts as a mirror to show you your full potential in this lifetime and the steps that can be taken to fulfill your purpose.

Each planet is a character, each sign is a costume and each house is a stage. For me, astrology is like acting out a cosmic story. The reading focuses on interpreting how each character feels, what they do and how they interact with other characters.

Natal (or birth chart astrology) is a powerful tool to learn more about your psyche and how you are motivated. Together we will uncover your passions, talents, aspirations, and how to work around blocks or handicaps. It's a powerful blueprint of who you are and your potential for this lifetime.

Clients experience revelations in aspects of their identity, that for the first time, make sense. I see the planets interact as a whole, and strive to find your life purpose and direction.

When we consider how astrological energies are in harmony or disharmony, we can find what motivates you and the practical tools that can be used to help ground and anchor you.

Soul Readings can be done remotely on a skype.


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