In Japanese SHI means “Fingers” and ATSU “Pressure”. This therapy finds its origins in Taoism Philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu aims to release tensions from the body and mind in helping Yin and Yang energies of the body to flow freely.

It supports the body’s self-regulation and vitality
A holistic view of the receiver combined with the practitioner 2 hands working in synchronization with pressure that is deep, stable and slowly moving along the body awaken the body’s innate healing ability, to release emotional, mental, and physical blockages, and to restore life essence and present awareness.
This simple, meditative, non-doing, healing touch can open hearts, tone chakras, restore peace, and connect us with our inner wisdom. People often compare it to micro-osteopathy and experience it as “relaxing, nurturing, non-invasive and deeply therapeutic”.

Shiatsu is especially helpful with:
• Neck, shoulder and back pain
• Reduced mobility and joint pain
• Headaches and migraine
• Digestive problems
• Sleeping disorders
• Asthmatic symptoms
• Depression, anxiety and stress related symptoms
• Menstrual problems, regulation of menstrual cycle and pregnancy
• Lethargy and fluid retention
• Improving energy and well-being

Hormonal Balance
Sports Injuries
Chronic Pain

Shiatsu Massage Workshop For Two

Giving your loved one a massage is a great way to build trust and relieve stress. Master various massage techniques and give the gift of health in this 2.5-hour Shiatsu massage workshop for couples.
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