Share your happiness: Always up for a smile!


Sharing happiness works like the snowball effect: If you know your friend is happy, it makes you happy yourself. So share your smile and spread it out into your social life. Share and care with the following tips:

Your glass of life isn’t just half full. Remind yourself where in the world you are and think about what you have reach so far. There are people who love you and need you – and there are people who you love and who you need. It’s time to tell them.

Take it with a smile – You can’t avoid negative people. 98 % of problems will solve by itself. Keep this in mind for the next time being angry about something and smile!

Activate your senses and look for the special. Smell the beautiful flowers growing on the streets, listen to the birds in the forest. Pay attention to those moments and the nature!

What does life mean to you? What is happiness for you? What does it take to make you smile? Find your mantra and feel the happiness coming.


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