Embracing the Unknown: My Journey with Shamanic Healing

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I recently found myself at a crossroads in life. My path seemed hidden as though by a heavy morning fog rolling off into the ocean. To add to my challenges, I was struggling with persistent congestion from an upper respiratory infection. It was during this time that Judy Xu, a trusted colleague, noticed my discomfort.

For those who do not know Judy Xu, she is an experienced shamanic healer and executive coach consistently offering deep empathy, joy, and unexpected and accurate insights into the unseen.

Judy, aware of my current life changes, offered a Shamanic healing session. Admittedly, I was ignorant about what this entailed, but my curiosity and trust in Judy led me to a resounding "yes". We scheduled our session over Zoom, a familiar tool in our arsenal of collaboration. Judy offered to address not just my physical congestion but also any deeper issues needing attention. I consented, granting her the freedom to apply her healing expertise as she saw fit.

Admittedly, without years of working with Judy, I might not have given her carte blanche. Shamanism, to my knowledge, isn't grounded in conventional science. It seems to align more with the enigmatic principles of quantum mechanics than the familiar Newtonian physics.

With my eyes closed, seated comfortably in my armchair, I allowed myself a rare moment of relaxation during a workday. I sensed I was embarking on a voyage across uncharted waters. Judy's drumbeats and chanting were like gentle waves, soothing me into a deeper state of relaxation. I can't explain the specifics of what Judy did nor the science, at least not yet.

Early in the session, apparently, Judy discerned that a soul-retrieval healing was necessary. This concept was new to me, but I learned it often occurs when a part of one's soul flees due to trauma or shock, leaving one less than whole. In my case, a childhood shock had led me to subconsciously dissociate a part of myself, fostering persistent self-doubt. And my self-doubt found a comfy home in my sinuses. Persistent self-doubt clouded my ability to see my path forward during times of major transitions.

Post-healing, Judy shared a poignant vision: my child-self gifting me with a vibrant bouquet of red, white, pink, and purple flowers, symbolizing a return to wholeness.

I can't provide a scientific explanation for the efficacy of Shamanic healing, but the results speak for themselves. The injuries Judy uncovered were familiar, yet until they were healed, I had not appreciated their debilitating effect. It was as if I had been swimming in the ocean of life, dragging a massive net that only grew heavier. Suddenly, that net was cut loose. Later that day, I noticed the chronic sinus inflammation and phlegm were almost entirely gone, and the metaphorical fog obscuring my path lifted, restoring my clarity and confidence.

Now, my task is to gratefully integrate this healing into my body, embracing the physical and emotional transformations. The experience not only alleviated my physical symptoms but also gave me a newfound freedom. Can you imagine how much energy is available to me when no longer weighed down by self-doubt, despair, and misplaced sense of guilt? I am free to act decisively, infused with hope and clarity.

In retrospect, Shamanic healing, like the ocean, is vast and mysterious. And just as the ocean is healing and life-sustaining, so too are alternative healing methods.

I hope that you will continue explore healing journeys that resonate with you. I am now a convert to the efficacy of shamanic healing.

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