Self- Love through Seiki

The first time I spoke to Anne about Seiki, I was immediately curious and fascinated with the idea of self-healing. I have always associated healing with someone else being the healer while I play a passive role in the process. Seiki allows one to look within and cultivate one’s energy to heal oneself by clearing blockages and releasing patterns. I thought to myself, this is exactly what I needed.
I was going through a transition in my life, since I was in the middle of divorce, moving houses, changing business direction. Inspite of me welcoming the change, all the uncertainty and self-doubt would take a toll on me and I would break down from time to time so I approached Anne for a healing session.

She was very warm and talked to me before the treatment, she did not have to say much, her presence itself was powerful and and calming. I liked the fact that she mentioned there is no judgment in Seiki since there is no diagnosis and I just allowed myself to be open to the healing. I tried not to expect a specific result after the treatment and just allowed myself to be present.

The moment she touched my arm, I immediately felt the good energy. I started seeing bright colors of pink, orange and purple and beautiful silhouettes. I basked myself with all this positivity and accepted all the love I was currently feeling, only to find out from Anne that this all came from myself, hidden beneath layers within me. Her role as a healer was a facilitator and she said I have everything in me to heal. That thought in itself was empowering knowing I did not have to depend on anyone but myself to feel this way. After the session, she asked me to breathe, drink lots of water and just be more self-aware.

I carried on with my day-to-day tasks at work and my personal life when I realized that I was feeling more emotionally stable. I would have negative thoughts from time to time but I released this quite easily. Whenever I would doubt, I would remember that feeling of warmth and ecstasy from Seiki and practice self-love.

-Maria, 40 Marketing Director


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