Self-awareness: Light-Hearted and Clear Conscience

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In our personality, we experience 2 types of energies:

  1. Beneficial, healthy and harmonising vitality; and
  2. Destructive, disharmonic and inconvenient vitality.

Every negative thought, emotion or physical tension creates an energy flow of the second destructive type that harms our physical body. The tension steals the curing and revitalizing benefits of our sleep. Regardless whether we are right or wrong, any lingering feelings of anger or disharmony harms ourselves first.

That is why it is very important to fall asleep with positive and harmonious emotions and thoughts. However, this is often easier said than done. It can only be achieved if we are authentically in harmony with ourselves and all events of the day. As we usually tend to ignore, forget, or even try to fool ourselves by being dishonest about our mistakes and shortcomings, harmful tension remains in our system and makes it hard for us to relax. Gif Maker 15 1

The only way to deep relaxation and well-being is to end every day with a clear overview over the challenges we faced and how we handled them. By asking questions , we enable ourselves to become more receptive for inspiration and intuition. In turn, we are able to show the right reactions and attitude towards today’s events and end the day peacefully with positive resolutions for the next day. This way, we can ensure ourselves with true honesty that all the necessary has been done to fulfill our responsibilities as the person that we are; a human being.
End your day with a pure heart by doing this exercise just a few minutes before going to bed to improve your sleep (and life):

Relax your body and close your eyes.

Remember and imagine several, or all important events of the day in front of your inner eye as an observer, and ask yourself:

What did I think, feel or do, which I shouldn’t have done?

What didn’t I think, feel or do, which I should have done?

Don’t judge or criticize yourself.

Don’t answer the questions yourself. Be patient and open for the answers from your innermost and higher wisdom.

By practising this you will experience an increasing awareness of what is really right and true for you, become more authentic in your true inner being. Even if you failed in many situations during the day, by reviewing them in this way and coming to the right conclusions, you develop good intentions to go for the better next day.

No need to tense yourself and fight anymore, you can let go for the moment and sleep relaxed…. Gif Maker 16 1


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