As Energy Healing Master Paul-Emmanuel Benachi puts it: The Energy healing we practice is an art of healing with a very high spiritual foundation. It is the result of interacting with a healing spectrum of frequencies that consists of energy (also called life force, Qi or Prana), light and information. This Energy is channeled from a source outside of ourselves. It surrounds us and we all use it to live life, heal broken bones, fight infections and use for the sheer joy of living and loving. The Energy healing works on all levels simultaneously, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, thus accelerating the client’s personal development and elevating her/his vibrational frequency.

We are able to increase the energetic vibration of the client, allowing us to remove blocks, identify unresolved emotions, traumas and obstacles. Emotional problems interfere with the smooth flow of the energy in the aura, causing blockages. Often these are the root causes of chronic pains and illnesses. Once identified, these hidden causes move from the subconscious to the conscious where it can be dissolved.

As one experiences this spiritual healing, one can unlock deeper levels of understanding in her/him and so develop a deeper understanding of others. We have seen a lifelong insomnia cured in one session. We have unblocked the pregnancy barriers of an old couple which science could not help. Locked vertebrates become relaxed. Successful adults who were abused children can finally forgive the perpetrator, releasing a lifetime of grieve. They speak of the ability to love for the first time. Many are inspired to make long lasting changes to their relationships and their lifestyle. The Energy healing will give you a feedback of what should go better and release some energy stuck in your body, your relationships and your lifestyle.

Using concepts from Ancient Egypt, New World and Eastern healing techniques that speak blockages in energy meridians, chakras and auras, we are scanning the Energy of a person for signs of trauma and emotional difficulties that might come from childhood or other life challenges. The Energy healing session also reconnects and rebalances you. It is bringing about healings that are often instantaneous and tend to be life long. This will in addition make you more sensitive to the Energy and some of you may actually fee it and feel it is working on you.


Our Therapists
Chan Cudennec
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