Revitalize in Spring with Qi Gong Taoist Breathing

There are keys to holistic health during the four seasons:
Spring in Spring
Grow in Summer
Collect in Autumn
Store in Winter

“Spring” as in new shoots springing up when Spring arrives, represents liveliness as opposed to stagnation. In winter, turtles brumate and bears sleep all through the season. Human do not hibernate in caves but they stay cosy indoor and get stuffed most of the time during the cold weather. In Chinese medicine theory, Winter is the time to store the essence developed over the year and collected in Autumn. In the Qigong sense, energy stays deeply stabilized within the human body like the burning fire stove I the middle of the house.


The stagnation needs to be relieved and energy in the human body needs to rise all along with the springing of liveliness on earth.

Qigong in Spring generally means revitalization, as in revitalizing deteriorated organs and improving organ abilities. Qigong in Spring is also essential for the release of stagnant energy at the liver to prevent stress and depression.


“ Taoist Breathing” is a simple set of Qigong with only five movements coordinating breathing with internal energy flow, an absolute comfortable starter for the year!


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