Restore your Peace Ability (Pacing Ability) with TRE®

Discover TRE® (Tension, stress and Trauma Release exercises) a unique, efficient tool to stress and pain management that can improve your quality of life and relationships.
Created by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, TRE® safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system.

 After doing TRE®, many people report feelings of peace and well-being.

TRE® is innovative and liberating as it is self- taught, self-administrated and self-regulated.

Why does it matter?
It allows you to become more conscious human beings as you increase your natural ability to recover from stress, self-regulate, ground, center.

In my own experience, as we get to act on and know our nervous system better, we get to know and understand ourselves better. We enhance our ability to move out of stressful situations and enjoy life fully.

By releasing obsolete tensions, being kind to ourselves, we  improve our mood, express our authentic personality and ultimately it benefits our relationships.  When we get unstuck, we get more readiness for social engagement. It becomes a virtuous cycle.

When looking at the events in the world, it strikes me more and more that it is urgent we ,as  individuals part of a Human specie sharing Earth,  need to re-learn connection.  Connection to self, will led to connections with others, and these connections will ripple forward to connect to the environment.

Nowadays, health is not only  acknowledged from the physical and biological perspective , it is also recognized that our health has cultural, environmental, emotional, spiritual components to it.

As social beings we need others in order to feel good. To reach out to others, in any ways, we need to be comfortable enough with ourselves.

We are humans on a human journey, with our shared loads of challenges, and I find it important to remember our similarities, rather than our differences, and that everyone takes responsibility  ( response ability)  for its own history and well-being.

As Peter A. Levine, PhD,the developer of Somatic Experiencing© and founder of the Foundation for Human Enrichment shared, “Trauma is hell on earth. Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods.”

To those “who have been traumatized, this can be a monumental leap of faith, but we can recover from trauma; indeed, my experience assisting others to heal from trauma has shown me this recovery is innate.

I find it crucial to know that repair is possible, with an innate quality to it.


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