Resham Daswani

Mindful Tea Meditation Facilitator
+852 2530 3315

Resham Daswani is a spiritual seeker of higher consciousness. Since childhood, she has felt an intuitive call to be of service to others. With a deep reverence for nature, and a passion for the workings of the universe, her eagerness led her to study under a number of knowledgeable gurus and teachers, and a cultivated practice of yoga for more than ten years. Resham started her journey in the art and design industry as a means of self-expression, whilst still keenly searching for a spiritual lineage to call her own.

Her pursuit was answered when she was introduced to Cha Dao and there was no doubt that this is what she had been searching for. She traveled to Taiwan and studied further under a realised Zen Buddhist monk and Tea Master. The education changed her life, and she found herself in tune with her true path. She returned to Hong Kong with a dedication to promote an awakening of harmony through Tea, and has begun hosting tea ceremonies so others too can explore and discover the sacred benefits of the leaf.