Connect with your inner self and find clarity at Balance Health’s Life Transforming Events.
Every event leverages the practitioners’ mastery of holistic health to help co-create your
journey to happiness and bliss. (49)


Our online Chinese medicine doctor consultation helps you boost your health wherever you are. Our Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors are experienced in diagnosing and treating various health conditions such as covid, fertility, asthma, digestive issues, chronic pain and more. Treatments are tailored to your health status and body constitution. (50)


Experience energy healing even from a far. We offer meditation, hypnotherapy, yuen method and other distance healing practices to help relieve your stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression and other health conditions. (51)


Identify your heart’s desires and needs in life.
Our life coaching sessions will help you  reach your
desired goals and full potential. We are here to
encourage and support you as you aim for personal
growth and development.

Appointments & Classes

Detox & Mental Fitness Mastermind Events Coming Up!
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