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What is reiki?

Reiki is an energy that exists within us and around us. Like the air, it exists. Even if we cannot feel it or see it, it is essential to our survival. We all have a natural flow of energy in our body. But every time we have a negative emotion like jealousy, anger, frustration… We create an energy blockage into our body. Let’s imagine a river that is flowing peacefully. Every time we have a negative emotion, we are putting a stone in the middle of the river. After a while, we realise that the water in the river is not flowing properly or may even be blocked.

Reiki helps to remove all the blockages, all these stones that we have into your body and to restore our natural energy flow.

How does reiki help to clear emotional pain and find inner peace? Can reiki assist in having a better sleep?

As mentioned before, a reiki treatment rebalances our inner energy flow. The reiki energy helps to eliminate the toxins quicker and our body feels it. Some patients may have their fingers tingling, feel the inner energy moving or even have the impression that something is coming out of their body. Emotions that are deep rooted may come out during the healing. Some patients may become emotional during the treatment and it is perfectly normal. The reiki energy accelerates the healing process, digs out old emotions and eliminates it during the healing. The reiki energy offloads these negative emotions and patients may feel lighter after a healing. This sensation is very relaxing and soothing, that is why patients may be able to find their inner peace easier. By doing so, they naturally have a better sleep quality and a better emotional health.

How does a reiki healing feels like?

Every healing is different and depends on the patient’s physical and emotional condition at that time. In general, patients who receive a reiki healing feel relaxed and sleepy. The reiki energy flows in the patient’s body, even if they do not notice it.

Any contraindication?

Like the air, we cannot see it or feel it, but it still exists. The reiki energy exists within us and around us. That is why the reiki energy is not harmful and can be used to heal.
Reiki healing does not have any restriction in terms of age: it can be done to newborns, elderly people, pregnant women and breastfeeding women.


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