Meditation is now becoming one of the fastest growing trends on the planet and is predicted to surpass the recent Yoga boom.

Aldo say’s, ‘one of the most popular issues or complaints I’ve come across from people is; they have a problem turning off their mind and the constant mind chatter/or cannot sit still making meditation a real challenge to even consider’.

What most people don’t understand about Meditation is that Meditation is not about making your mind still and concentrating. Meditation is much easier than you think if you are taught by a good teacher.

Aldo Privileggi is a well seasoned experienced Healer HSP (Higher Sense Perception) Therapist and Meditation teacher/Instructor and is constantly sought after by some of the highest respected Health retreats/resorts and health centres around the world.

He is well known for his ability to perceive into an individuals energy field to reach and teach complete novices who have never meditated before to Meditator and have them Meditate with progress and certainty on the very first session.

Aldo as practiced over 20 years studying many different Meditation styles. He demystifies it and breaks it down to a most simple and powerful way to begin your Meditation experience. There is no need to go ‘GURU’ shopping.

Once you have your first Meditation you will be able to do the Meditation by yourself at home or you can join in our weekly classes where Aldo will assist you in clearing up any questions or temporary hurdles you might encounter along your way and guide you into a deeper, richer experience of your Meditation.

Aldo is an Author/writer on the Mind/body and Health, very approachable and delivers his classes with a sense of wit,wisdom and humour cultivating a real loving and comfortable atmosphere for making the Meditation a pleasurable and fun experience.


– Calms nervous system
– Improves immune system
– Clears mind and can cure headaches
– Neutralises stress & anxiety
– Improves quality of sleep
– Improves concentration
– Improves confidence
– Improves posture
– Improves creativity
– Enables access to peace and harmony

To book an appointment with Aldo, please call 25303315 or email