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It all starts with 2 simple and quick exercises and vibration

Chinese New Year approaching, with its amazing blue sky and crisp air. We can sense, still in the midst of winter, the powerful magic of life. Winter is an invitation to draw our energies and activities inward, to rest and nest, center around our loved ones, seeding new projects. In February we celebrate love, just before spring.

Our rites are based on the wisdom of nature which follow alternating cycles of rest and action, growth and decay, letting go and renewal. The old gives way to the new, allowing us to reassess what matters in our life. Even as we breathe we are following this process: the new fresh air fills our lungs and as we breathe out we expel the old air. In these oscillations, there is a dance mirroring the rhythm of life.

So let’s embrace this image and allow ourselves to go with the flow that nature intended. Come with me and let me show you how easy it is to achieve this with 2 simple and quick exercises.

Exercise 1

Every day consider for a moment the pleasant things in life and the not so pleasant, the old and the new. Then feel the rhythm of your breathing, the life force in the space between inhales and the exhales, the beats of your pulse, and picture yourself flowing through these emotional and physical pains or feelings.

Exercise 2

Another practice is to tap into the joy of being alive and open yourself to all of life’s rich possibilities. First, bring a happy memory into your heart and feel how it responds. Then, whilst imprinting this precious memory into your body sensations, open-heartedly thank yourselves for 3 things you are proud being of and 3 things you feel grateful for.

So what do these exercises achieve? We lead such busy lives that sometimes we are unable to listen or hear what our body, mind and soul are trying to tell us. For nature to flow, we need to re-kindle this communication, and this simple practice invites us gently to communicate with ourselves. Simply feeling at home and going into one’s body, we can then share this deep joy of living and receive even more in return. However, we can assist this process even more and it might surprise you to find out how.

Earlier we spoke of the oscillations of life, the ebb and tide of old and new, or what I like to call the Vibrations of Life. To help us get back in balance with these Vibrations, we can reestablish our inner communication through exercises like the above, and we can also immerse our body in musical vibrations which envelop our body physically. This sensory immersion actually speeds up the re-balancing process and the secret is found in an incredible treatment which stems from ancient meditative practices.
Like a tuning fork helps tunes instruments, we can call on the vibrations from this treatment to help us retune and guide our body towards balance.

Called Tibetan Singing Bowls, they are upturned musical metal bowls which, when played, resonate and hum at unique and powerful frequencies. The bowl’s vibrations travel through your physical and energy body, and remove emotional or physical blockages. This in turn allows your body and mind to return to balance quicker, so you are free to live the life you deserve: a life full to the brim with joy which is aligned with nature.


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