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First of all, congratulations! You have already took an important step towards a healthier lifestyle just by looking for a treatment. There are many reasons why you should quit smoking. Not only does it harm yourself, but also harms your loved ones and other people around you.

It is never too late to quit this bad habit. With our help and treatments, we aim to help you quit smoking, improve your overall health significantly, and let you enjoy a healthier, longer life with your loved ones.

Smoking is a physical and psychological habit that is hard to eliminate. In the process of quitting, you will face difficult physical symptoms that are often coupled with psychological states. Withdrawal symptoms include irritability, fatigue, headache or flu-like aches.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) aims to facilitate your journey of becoming healthier through different treatment methods. We can help you fight the urge and resist the triggers together.

Don’t give up. You can do this.


How does acupuncture help you quit smoking?

Once the patient has set his/her mindset to quit smoking, the treatment can effectively facilitate the process. The treatment consists of acupuncture sessions along with herbal prescriptions if necessary that aim to decrease your cravings for nicotine without any side-effects. In addition to the mindset, the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the severeness of the addiction.

Acupuncture has only recently been regarded as a treatment method to quit smoking and can be regarded as a natural modern acupuncture treatment. Due to the fact it is a simple yet effective treatment, acupuncture has gained significant recognition as a favorable method to quit smoking in many countries over the world. According to the TCM perspective, you smoke to deal with the blockages inside your body that cause feelings of anxiety, tension, anger or grief.

Nicotine temporarily relieves you from these negative feelings and gives you short-term relaxation. However, cigarettes leave behind numerous side-effects and a pile of toxins in your body, such as tar and phlegm. Acupuncture provides a natural way to regulate your body flow and provides you similar feelings of relaxation and relief. Moreover, it helps your body to naturally remove residual tar and nicotine.

To summarize, acupuncture will help you with nicotine addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and remove residual tar and nicotine from your body.


  • What Happens When I Quit?

    ○In one year, your risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke is halved.
    ○You’ll have decreased risk for impotence and infertility.
    ○If you’re a one-pack-per-day smoker, you’ll probably save over $15,000.

  • What Are The Benefits of Acupuncture?

    ○All natural;
    ○Few unwanted side effects;

  • What Can I Do Additionally?

    ○Frequent exercising: Qi Gong will teach you specific breathing exercises and movements to become more energetic and are capable of staying calm in stressful situations.
    ○Avoid eating junk food, caffeine or alcoholic drinks that may trigger your cravings for cigarettes.
    ○Avoid social situations where you are surrounded by smokers and cigarettes until you are clean of any desires.

  • Supporting Treatments

    Hypnotherapy can also be an extremely effective way of quitting smoking. It is effective because it targets the subconscious mind and deals with the root causes and compulsive behavior that leads to smoking such as stress and anxiety. One of the beautiful things about hypnosis is that change work is the new positive changes require no will power or strain on the patient’s behalf, they become aligned within ourselves, a natural part of us once the suggestions have been accepted on the subconscious level. This of course happens with the patient’s consent and permission, who at any time during the process is in control because he or she is more alert and his or her senses are heightened.

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