QiGong and Cancer: A Success Patient Story


Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method is an alternative healing method that also teaches patients effective ways how they can get out and use their own healing power for their own condition. Being a Qigong healer for many years, Master Lawrence has gained lots of valuable experiences and Qigong techniques that he uses for the treatment of his patients who are suffering from serious health problems such as cancer. Here is a personal experience and story of Master Lawrence of his healing sessions with a patient with breast cancer. 

One of my patients, Mrs. Choi suffered from a recurring breast cancer which has spread and reached her leg bones.  She had tried the strongest western medications but these seemed less effective at this time around. Hence, she decided to stop her western medications and tried Qigong healing. 

She started practicing Qigong for almost the entire day everyday. After around three months, she found out that her lung became full of phlegm. Since she was practicing a kind of meditating Qigong, the large amount of phlegm in her lung made her cough a lot. interrupting her practicing on the meditating Qigong.

She sought help and found me.

The first day of our Qigong healing session, she was a bit unstable. Her movements and speech were both unstable.  Mrs. Choi requested me to transmit energy to her lungs so that she would not cough and feel uncomfortable anymore as these feelings interfered with her Qigong practice, which she was relying on to strengthen her energy to fight against the cancer. During the whole time of energy transmission, she felt quite hot on her chest and she coughed out a lot of phlegm. She felt more comfortable and looser on her chest afterwards.

I was doing energy transmission almost everyday to her for about a week. She improved more and more as the sessions went on. The last day, she looked really well and stable. She had asked me a question why only the first day she felt quite hot on her chest and then she could feel less and less, or almost not with any feeling during my energy healing. The way I looked at it was that the battle field was on her chest on the first day. It was just like a fever. When the war was on, energy was working and we might feel hot. As the battle became not as much as a battle, the energy just went into the body. That's why she felt less strong. It really depends on the individual if they are sensitive about energy as sometimes patients with lots of blockages, it could be more difficult for them to feel energy.

As of writing, the patient seemed like she could carry on her Qigong practice smoothly. I wish she would recover better and better.

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