Learn 10 Qi Gong movements over the summer period. Our Qi Gong teacher Sifu Joe Lok will teach you Qi Gong movements from two disciplines:
• 5 Taoist Breathing movements: embraces energy from nature to balance body and mind, reduce pain and relief stress.
• 5 Chinese Elements movements: exercises strengthen organ functions to improve immune system, helps recovery from chronic disease, tunes up misaligned joints and brings harmony to life.

All 10 movements will benefit your immune system and can be learned in sessions for beginners and advanced students. Join a series of Qi Gong classes at Balance Health.

Gold Element Exercises in this category are improving the function of your lung. Expanding your lung will lead to better breathing and increased energy. You will experience more rhythmic and regular breathing patterns in your body.
Water Element This practice improves your kidneys and enhances absorption of minerals, filtering of blood and regulation of essential body fluids. Benefit from higher energy levels derived from healthier kidneys - the energy source. Among other organs your sexual ability will improve.
Wood Element Movements of this category benefit your liver. According to Chinese medicine your liver alleviates and relieves stress levels leading to better sleep patterns and quality. It also reduces stagnant energy in your body. In combination with gold element movements this practice can reduce snoring.
Fire Element Movements of the fire element will benefit your heart. A healthier heart will lead to balanced blood pressure and help clear any blockages in your veins. Prevention of blockages in veins can reduce the risk for heart attacks and strokes.
Earth Element Exercises target to benefit your spleen as well as other organs for digestion and excretion. This practice will strengthen stomach functions, help digestion and therefore improve metabolism for the rejuvenation of essence in the body. Movements improve the metabolism of your body.
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Choose your Package for this Summer

Private Classes

  • 5 hours of private classes for HKD 4,500
  • 10 hours of private classes (each 2 hour sessions) for HKD 6,750

Group Classes

  • 5 hours of group classes for HKD 2,000
  • Includes 1 hour private class in addition

Above offering is valid in July and August 2015 only!

Call us on 2530 3315 to reserve your spot.