Explore the art of holistic health with Qi Gong and experience an energy flow through your body and mind. Qi Gong is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and helps you healing your physical pains as well as clearing your mind from stress. Qi Gong strengthens the body by activating the Qi energy in your meridians and channel it to your organs.

Sifu Joe Lok is our master of Qi Gong and Tai Qi. He is the 27th direct descendant of the legendary Tai Qi founder and Taoist Zhang Sanfeng and brings to you his tremendous experience and insight into traditional Chinese healing.

All exercises are created to strengthen your body and create a perfect balance with your mind. Qi Gong is easy to learn and will be a life-changing experience if you make it your daily habit.

A typical class will first cover special breathing technique to calm down your mind. The learned Qi Gong movements and exercises are energetic and rhythmic.

The sessions are divided into 3 stages:
Meditation, basic movements and posture
Motions, breathing and steps
Energy gathering and circulation

Your healing benefits:
Qi Gong will increase the flexibility of your joints and will improve your immune system. Qi Gong is also supporting patients who are suffering from rheumatism and nerve problems and reduces the possibility of strokes and heart attacks.

By practicing Qi Gong you will become more energetic and are capable of staying calm in stressful situations. An independent thinking will be your positive outcome and longer-term practice will retain youthfulness forever.

qi gong practice

Our Therapists

Sifu Joe Lok